5 reasons to play SuperEnalotto online

As the Italian lotto continues breaking new records, it becomes more and more popular not only in Italy but in many other countries too. In this article we want to show you 5 reasons to try to win the jackpot of SuperEnalotto.

This lotto lived in the shadow of its competitors like Powerball or Euromillions for quite a long time. But today only lazy people do not speak about SuperEnalotto! It can compete with major world lotteries and bring you hundreds of millions. If you were just watching the lotto, now it’s time to try your luck and take part in the draw.

They say it’s hard to win the jackpot but there are 5 convincing pros.

Reason 1. Rich history, impeccable reputation

SuperEnalotto appeared on the world stage approximately at the same time as Powerball and UK Lottery. But the history of this legendary draw goes back to 1950s! Obviously, you can trust a lotto that existed more than 60 years.

Reason 2. There are no prize limits

Another advantage of the Italian lotto is that its jackpot has no limits and can grow endlessly unlike the jackpot of other European lotteries. Taking this into consideration, no wonder the prize pool reached the point of €141.5 million! And this is not the end of its growth.

Reason 3. Its so easy to play

SuperEnalottos is one of the few lotteries that has single-matrix numbers sample. No other additional numbers, bonuses and stars that can only confuse novices. It is enough to mark 6 numbers among 90 available. That’s it. The organizers of the game will take care of all other procedures.

Reason 4. Personal records

Do you think that SuperEnalotto stays aside when it comes to sky-high jackpots? Wrong! This lotto had the biggest prizes paid to the winners in 2010, when a syndicate of 70 players won €177.7 million. It was the biggest win in Europe at that time and it happened in Italy. Unlike other popular lotteries, SuperEnalotto can’t boast about its widespread international status but still allows to earn unbelievable sums of money.

Reason 5. The ticket price is more than attractive!

Yes, you’re right. All these unlimited jackpots are drawn at a very low ticket price. Even though the probability to guess all 6 winning numbers equals 1 of 622.6 million, it won’t cost you much but victory will bring you a prize money that consists of 9 numbers!
Every new draw of SuperEnalotto can stop the growth of the jackpot to new record highs. Will the lottery add another page to its winning history?

Check today’s SuperEnalotto jackpot and don’t miss the next draw and become the jackpot winner!