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TOP places in the Netherlands to visit for a lotto millionaire


Winning the lottery is many people’s dream. You could be a lucky winner if you are a regular lotto player. If you win a top prize and want to visit the Netherlands, we have selected places for you to visit as a millionaire.  The Netherlands is an amazing country for lottery winners intending to spend […]

TOP things to Do in the USA for a Lotto Millionaire

Las Vegas

Have you just won millions in the recent jackpot draw? This can be really exciting! A vacation in the United States is what you need to start thinking about before anything else. As a millionaire, the US offers exciting things to do. What are the best places to visit in the US? The vastness of […]

Eurojackpot vs. EuroMillions – Which is More Attractive?


Playing the top lottery games offers an excellent experience. When you have to choose between two of the leading lotteries, you have a big task; but you have to do it nonetheless. With a focus on Eurojackpot and EuroMillions, we’ll help you figure out which of the two is the best for you. Of course, […]

TOP Attractions in Slovakia for a Lottery Winner


Let’s face it, winning the lottery is one of the finest experiences that you can have in life. But what happens after you’ve won? A vacation, right? Slovakia has some cool places that you can visit if you check Eurojackpot results and find that you are a jackpot winner. We’ll share with you the best places that […]

TOP Places in Hungary to Visit for a Lotto Millionaire


Have you just been announced a lottery winner? It can be confusing planning what to do with the millions that you have won. Don’t worry for we have creative ways that you can spend your money. Hungary is one of the world’s leading tourist countries in the world. A stopover here can be a great […]

Top American Lotteries With The Greatest Jackpots

mega millions online

The American lottery has been around since the colonial era. When lotteries were legalized in the early twentieth century, they took off as a way for states to generate revenue. Lottery sales have increased steadily, with Americans spending $19 billion on tickets in 2016. This article will explore some of America’s most popular lotteries and […]