Another maximum €190mln jackpot claimed in EuroMillions

EuroMillions is a lottery widely known among lotto enthusiasts in Europe, giving them a chance to claim one of the great prizes and rollover that may reach up to €190 million euros. EuroMillion heats up the emotions of lotto fans since 2004. Initially, tickets were available locally in United Kingdom, France and Spain. Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Austria joined the game later on. Having the possibility to play online, you can also participate in the greatest European lottery.

Highest winnings in EuroMillions

EuroMillions is a lottery that allows the prize pool to grow, when none of the players picks all the required numbers correctly. The pool gets rolled over to the next draw. The pool may be carried over numerous times, until the jackpot hits the maximum limit at an astounding €190 million. Such a rollover has happened twice until the day and each time it was claimed by a single lucky winner. We have seen such an event just a few days ago as the maximum jackpot was claimed on October 6th 2017. Once again, such a breathtaking prize has been claimed by a single ticket.

EuroMillions history has seen numerous great wins with prizes worth over €100 million. Hundreds of thousands of lower-tier prizes were also claimed, so playing EuroMillions gives a great chance to win a pile of cash that will help to make all your dreams come true.

How to win a fortune in EuroMillions online?

Playing EuroMillions online is not complicated at all. You just need to register a free player’s account at LottoPark, and after the process is finished, you’re ready to go. EuroMillions requires you to pick 5 numbers within 1-50 range and two extra numbers within 1-11 range. Correctly picking all seven numbers is required to claim the jackpot. Still, there are many other prizes waiting to be claimed as EuroMillions offers 12 prize tiers.

The probability of winning any prize is 1: 139 838 160, while your chances for claiming any prize in this lottery are 1:13, so it’s highly possible to claim one of the lower-tier prizes. EuroMillions draw results and winnings are published right after the official announcement. Give yourself a chance to claim one of the great EuroMillion prizes and get a ticket now. You may become an instant millionaire if luck smiles upon you.