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What You Can Do with Your Winning When You Hit EuroMillions Jackpot?


Has it ever crossed your mind that you can win a huge lottery jackpot prize? A big jackpot prize like what EuroMillions offer? The kind of money that you get as the jackpot for this game is more than you can spend in a single lifetime. However, if you don’t plan for it well, you […]

TOP 5 places in Asia to visit after winning EuroMillions

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Have you ever been prepared for the big announcement of you winning a huge cash prize playing EuroMillions? Well, many lottery players often play and win without a proper plan of what to do with their money. If you play EuroMillions, you should be aware of the real possibilities of winning huge cash prizes instantly. […]

This Week’s Biggest Lotto Jackpots

Biggest Lotto Jackpots

A new week is starting, so the new chances to win big are coming! On our website, you can play the best lotteries in the world and win the greatest lotto jackpots, so if you’re thinking about buying a lottery ticket – you should definitely check out how much money is waiting in the pot […]

TOP 3 lottery mistakes to avoid when you win EuroMillions

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Millions of people are nowadays trying their hand at the lottery and taking their chance at winning millions of euros. Well, you never know when you might get lucky and strike the most significant reward you have always dreamt of.  However, if you have decided to purchase the most valuable lottery tickets like the EuroMillions lottery […]

What is EuroMillions Hotpicks and EuroMillions Superdraw?

Где найти результаты лотерей? Проверьте счастливые номера и играйте в лото онлайн!

In January 2018, EuroMillions HotPicks joined the list of lottery games which enables players to win bigger prizes when you match up to five numbers. Another similar supplementary game from The National Lottery is the EuroMillions Superdraw which occurs at intervals and has huge guaranteed jackpots As a result of their similarity to Lotto, these […]

Another maximum €190mln jackpot claimed in EuroMillions

EuroMillions is a lottery widely known among lotto enthusiasts in Europe, giving them a chance to claim one of the great prizes and rollover that may reach up to €190 million euros. EuroMillion heats up the emotions of lotto fans since 2004. Initially, tickets were available locally in United Kingdom, France and Spain. Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Austria joined the game later on. Having the possibility to play online, you can also participate in the greatest European lottery.