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Another UK Lotto Rollover Is Coming!

uk lotto rollover

The British Lotto is a numeric lottery which has existed since 1994 and during many years has changed a game form and the frequency of winnings. Some time ago, UK Lotto took place exclusively on Saturdays, whereas now, it is held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In addition to it, numbers have been added to the pool; initially, there were 49 numbers and now the pool is bigger by 10. Simple game rules, impressive winnings and the possibility of participation in the lottery via the Internet – do you need more reasons for being lured by playing the game of UK Lotto?

Lotto millionaire stories – a lucky winner shares her experience

Some lotto winner’s stories are happy, some are sad or even tragic. Today we’d like to tell you a story of a lucky lotto millionaire, who decided to share her experience of winning the jackpot. Back in 1995, Elaine Thompson won £2 704 666. Read her story to see how it’s like to become a millionaire.

Lotto millionaire stories – UK Lottery winners

Each win in the  UK lottery is a unique and spectacular event. But there are some stories about the UK Lottery winners which stand out even more. One would say that they were brought by a hand of fate. Today we’d like to present you a few stories about the UK lotto millionaires, whose lucky win was written in the stars.

British lotto – UK Lottery online

UK citizens take part in lottery games very actively. And this is not a surprise, because one of the biggest games in the country guarantees good winnings and through the years of experience made many people millionaires.

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