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TOP 5 Mega Millions Winnings in 2021


Since 1996, people have been enjoying the excitement that Mega Millions brought to the lottery world. Winning is a common thing for players here. The lottery game provides different prize tiers that ensure many people win. Do you know that we already have many jackpot winners in 2021? Well, it is not shocking because great […]

This Week’s Biggest Lotto Jackpots

Biggest Lotto Jackpots

A new week is starting, so the new chances to win big are coming! On our website, you can play the best lotteries in the world and win the greatest lotto jackpots, so if you’re thinking about buying a lottery ticket – you should definitely check out how much money is waiting in the pot […]

Mega Millions – Powerball’s greatest rival

World’s biggest lotteries have earned a name of the most exciting way to claim enormous winnings. This isn’t a surprise, since the highest rollovers reach over one and a half billion dollars. Apart from that, we’re living in a digital world, so you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to get your lottery ticket for an American lottery. How is it possible? You can get a lotterey tickets online, you’ve got access to the biggest American and European loteries. You’re just a few clicks away from joining the race for millions. Powerball and MegaMillions are the biggest among the American lotteries. The second one is especially worth taking a closer look. How do you play Mega Millions and how much is at stake?

Mega Millions ticket bought in Arkansas brings $177 million to a 71-year old

Since the launch of Mega Millions in Arkansas back in 2010, local lottery fans could just imagine how it feels like to win a great jackpot. It took some time, but Arkansas has its first top prize winner. The luckiest local lotto player title still remains to be claimed, as the winner who bought his Mega Millions ticket at a gas station came from Texas.

Amazing rollover in the Mega Millions lottery – don’t miss the draw!

The great Mega Millions lottery hasn’t seen a winner for weeks now. It was January 31, when the jackpot has been claimed for the last time by a lucky player, who picked all the numbers correctly. Tomorrow’s draw will bring an opportunity to claim an amazing $174 000 000!

Great rollovers waiting in Powerball and MegaMillions!

Upcoming draws of Mega Millions and Powerball give a great opportunity to hit an impressive jackpot. Summing up both pools, there are $272 millions waiting for a lucky winner. This week’s jackpots are surely worth playing for, as they can bring you a real fortune.