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Eurojackpot ticket prices are another reason for making this lottery so attractive for the players. One line, which means one set of lucky numbers on a tickets costs only €4. Such a small amount allows to participate in the draw and gives a possibility of hitting a multimillion jackpot. The current rollover amount and the prize pool are always worth checking. You can also become one of the lucky players who joined the Eurojackpot millionaire’s club. The biggest pool available is €90,000,000! It’s hard to resist such a temptation.

The highest prize won in the Eurojackpot lottery by one of our users has been hit on 24th February – Christos from Greece was lucky enough to correctly pick the five main numbers and became eligible for a prize worth €21,120.10! The numbers he picked for his ticket were 1, 7, 13, 19 and 20. Our user has been the one out of twenty one players in the world who picked the main numbers correctly and received a prize of €21,120.10.

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