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SuperEnalotto is one of the biggest and the most prominent lottery worldwide that has originated in Italy since 1950s’. However, the top of popularity of the SuperEnalotto took place in 1997. Many years have passed, but the organization and fame of the lottery have not changed. The results are announced every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and a number of players win these days.
The thing is that jackpots happen really often and the level of the odds is considered to be the lowest. The jackpots of SuperEnalotto can reach very large sums, since the accumulations are not limited. The fact that makes it attractive for the players is that winnings are not taxed. Moreover, the winners have the option to receive their prize sums or annual payments. For example, the largest single-ticket jackpot is $248 million by a syndicate of 70 winners in 2010. In 2009, $205 million was won by the 2nd largest single-ticket jackpot in Toscana.

As far as payment for one lottery ticket is concerned, the SuperEnalotto tickets prices are pretty reasonable. The value for one ticket has been reduced to 2 Euros, so the try will not cost an arm and a leg.
The rules of the game are quite straightforward. It is necessary to guess six numbers out of ninety. If the player guesses all six, he gets a jackpot. In spite of the fact that player could win the jackpot, SuperEnalotto gives the golden opportunity to win five prize categories.

You shouldn’t look down in the dumps if you guess only five numbers because it is Jolly Number. It is kind of the additional chance for you to try your hand. If you have good luck and guess the Jolly number, you will be awarded with the prize 5+1 category. Number Jolly affects all prize categories except the jackpot. In case you guess only three numbers combination, you still have a hope to win the prize but only in one category.

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