Do You Know How to Become a Lotto Millionaire?

Самые крупные лотерейные выигрыши

Lotto the numeric lotteries are a simplest way of gaining millions. Polish and world lotteries allow winning huge money just for investing several zlotys earmarked for purchasing a ticket. What you also need is a minute necessary for filling a ticket and picking Lotto numbers.

Only the lotteries of Totalizator Sportowy have made more than 1000 people millionaires during 60 years. Yet, there are far more numeric games around the world available for players. There are no limits in the epoch of the Internet for the players in Poland for participating exclusively in Duży Lotek, Mini Lotto or Multi Multi. Today one can play online the biggest European and American numeric lotteries in which winnings seriously overcome even record rollovers of Duży Lotek. Then, how much can you win? And how can you do it?

Polish Lotto – gain even several millions of zlotys

Without a shadow of a doubt, if you are thinking about winning millions, your first association will be Duży Lotek since this Polish numeric lottery is the only one which is featured with huge rollovers. The greatest one of them was equal to 60 million zlotys. Obviously, there are a bit smaller rollovers as well, yet the greatest winnings gained by a sole player were over 30 million zlotys. A minimum first-tier winning on Duży Lotek is two million zlotys which can be increased by an additional million with the help of a Lotto Plus feature. In order to gain such money, you should only pick 6 Lotto numbers out of 49 numbers correctly and watch a Duży Lotek drawing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Another lottery of Totalizator Sportowy offering huge winnings which are counted in millions is Multi Multi. How can it be possible since a maximum Multi Lotek winning is 250 000 zl and it is given for picking 10 Lotto numbers out of the pool of 80 numbers? It is easy as a basic form of the game can be made more attractive by adding interesting additional options which can seriously increase the size of a winning. When it comes to the Multi Multi Plus feature and multiplying the game bets, the prize pool increases up to 25 millions! The greatest winning which has been gained so far is 7,5 million zlotys. Do you want to set the next record? Play Multi Lotek on a regular basis and watch Multi Multi drawings twice a day.

In point of fact, you can become a millionaire by playing any lottery of Totalizator Sportowy in case you are using the possibilities of playing Super Szansa. The number of Super Szansa is available on each lotto ticket with an exception of Keno and its activation made for a small payment allows you to participate in an additional Lotto drawing. Matching this 7-digit number means winning a sum of two million zlotys.

The World Lotto – You Can Become Even a Billionaire

Due to the possibility of playing the biggest lotteries of the world lotto via the Internet, huge winnings are just a stone’s throw away. The biggest sums for winning are offered by the American lottery Powerball which has a guaranteed first-tier winning of $40 million whereas the biggest rollover had been equal to one and a half million dollars so far. You will only need to pick 5 numbers out of a pool of 69 numbers and an additional number out of the range from 1 to 26 in order to have a Powerball drawing held on Thursdays and Sundays lucky for you. If you want to gain even more, you can multiply winning 2 times up to 10 times with a Power Play feature.

The next record rollovers are waiting in Mega Millions where the greatest rollover has been equal to $656 million while guaranteed first-tier winnings were equal to $15 million. Pick 5 numbers out of the pool of 70 numbers on a ticket and an additional one out of the pool of 25 numbers. In addition to it, you can multiply winnings 5 times due to the Multiplier feature. Then, check the results of the Lotto drawing on Wednesday or Saturday and enjoy the winnings.

Still, it is worth mentioning EuroMillions with the rollovers equal to €190 million among the European lotteries. One can gain a guaranteed sum of €17 million on regular drawings of EuroMillions. In order to become €17 million richer, it will be enough to pick the winning numbers which are 5 numbers out of the pool of 50 and two additional numbers out of the pool from 1 to 11. The EuroMillions drawings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Making an investment of several zlotys and spending just a minute in order to purchase a ticket and pick a required amount of Lotto numbers are everything one needs to do in order to help your happiness. Huge winnings are waiting; you just need to go for them.