Don’t miss the EuroMillions draw!


Another great EuroMillions draw will take place tomorrow. The prize pool has been increasing for several weeks now and a great rollover worth 139 000 000$ is waiting. Hurry up, the clock is ticking, so pick you lucky numbers now and play this great European lottery that may change your life tomorrow. Give yourself a chance to become the next lotto millionaire!

The EuroMillions jackpot has been hit on April 11th for the last time. This means that we’ve been waiting over 6 weeks for a new grand prize winner. Thanks to the rollover, tomorrow’s draw gives an opportunity to win an amazing €139 000 000. It’s one of the chances you really shouldn’t ignore. This prize gets pretty close to the maximum EuroMillions jackpot cap of €190 000 000.

The EuroMillions draw will be held tomorrow at 20:45 GMT. If you’d like to participate, simply pick your lotto numbers and buy your EuroMillions ticket online using our services. You can pick the numbers by yourself or use our quick-pick tool, which will pick the required 5 main numbers and 2 extra ones at random.

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