EuroMillions Super Draw – Countdown has begun!

New rules of the Euromillions lotto have already been adopted and only 5 days are left till the long-awaited event – Euromillions Super Draw with the guaranteed jackpot of €130 million. Are you ready?
On Saturday, September 24 the new format of the Euromillions lotto was officially adopted. The new tickets for the tomorrow’s draw already have additional number with a star. Rejoice all the people whose lucky number is 12 – now you can mark it twice in the Euromillions ticket!
Meanwhile, the Friday draw tickets are sold out unbelievably fast. Everybody wants to win the Super Draw jackpot that equals €130 million! What are the other surprises that await us in the new Euromillions format?

New starting jackpot is already at stake

As soon as the new rules were adopted, new starting jackpot was already in the Euromillions tickets of the next draw. On Friday, September 23 the main prize of €23.85 million found its new lucky owner and new starting prize was fixed at the €17 million mark instead of usual €15 million. Will someone win it in the first try? €130 million will be at stake on Friday!

Bigger jackpots but the same chances to win

Adding an additional number with a star certainly influenced the probability to win the main prize. Chances to win the desired Euromillions jackpot decreased – 1 of 116 million before and 1 of 140 million now. But nevertheless, the game became more exciting because jackpots promise to grow faster and reach new highs more often. And the most pleasant thing is that general chances to win remained the same. Every 13th ticket win like it was before.

More millions at the same price!

If you watch foreign news, then you should know that along with the new rules the organizers raised the lottery ticket price. However, some of the organizations and websites sell the Euromillions tickets at the old price. That means you can try to win even bigger jackpots without prejudice to your budget.

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