EuroMillions ticket price and jackpot – play with us!

Euro Millions is the biggest lottery in Europe, where a lot of European countries take part. It is widely known for its huge jackpots, because the prize fund is generated from the funds of all these countries. Every week it is generated from scratch, so the sum of jackpot varies from time to time. A lot of people became millionaires playing this lottery. Certainly one person can play for years before he or she gets a sacramental winning, which will change a person’s life. But it is worth playing, especially that EuroMillions ticket price is not shocking thing.

What happens if nobody won the jackpot in a current game? It’s obvious that it goes till the next game. It goes like this till somebody wins. In such a way after several weeks without the main winner the sum of a EuroMillions jackpot can reach about 200.000.000 euro! It is an amazing sum and there were a number of cases in history of the lottery, when people got these sums.

More than 100.000.000 people all over Europe play the lottery, so you can imagine how tense every game is!
But those, who haven’t guessed all the needed number mustn’t disappoint, because practically all the participant gets at least a couple of euro. The smallest winning is 4 euro. According to the statistics every 20 person gets this prize. The more numbers you guess the bigger sum of money you get. Only those, who guess only one number out of 6 don’t get anything.

A dozen of years ago an interesting case took place – a teenager bought his first ticket and tried to play for the first time in his life. And lucky he was to win more than 1.000.000 euro. Maybe you will become the next lucky person and the whole world remembers you?

You are free to spend 2 euro on a ticket or buy it online and play the game online too – EuroMillions ticket price is not so big as you think. Also the official site offers you the current statistics of winning tickets and the latest news about the winnings and players. Watch for the news, who knows, maybe you are the next person to become a millionaire or have good chances to guess as many numbers as possible!