EuroMillions winner wanted! £1,000,000 waiting to be claimed!

Have you bought a traditional, paper EuroMillions in Scotland? Make sure to check it! The organizers of the biggest European lottery are hunting for the EuroMillions winner who may be unaware of the fact, that there’s a million pounds waiting for him!

The winning ticket has been sold in March, at a local lotto office in Dundee. Until now, the new EuroMillions millionaire hasn’t checked in to claim his prize. The lottery organizers asked the players to recheck their tickets, so they wouldn’t miss their chance not only to receive £1,000,000, but also a special extra prize – a luxurious safari trip.

Andy Carter, senior lotto winners’ advisor said that the EuroMillions organizers are desperate to find the lucky ticket owner. Carter noted that such a big win may change somebody’s life and bring a better future for him. This is why appeals may be found in the media, calling players to check their numbers, so they wouldn’t miss the deadline for claiming the prize money and the luxurious safari trip.

Carter notes, that claiming £1,000,000 and going for an ultimate safari would be a great introduction to a millionaire lifestyle.  The lucky player who would receive this EuroMillions prize would join the exclusive lotto millionaires club, which is a prestigious event in itself.

If you have bought a EuroMillions ticket in Dundee, Scotland, make sure to check your wallet, pockets, your car, your bags or any other place which comes to your mind, because the forgotten lotto ticket is waiting for you there, ready to become a key to another world and change your life forever.

The hunted EuroMillions winner needs to claim his prize until September 24 2017. The draw was held on March 28. The clock is ticking, while the prize is waiting!

If you’d like to get a chance for the next prize, check the current EuroMillions rollover, pick your lucky numbers and get the ticket, which can bring you not only the grand prize, but one of the lower-tier prizes.