Great rollovers waiting in Powerball and MegaMillions!

Upcoming draws of Mega Millions and Powerball give a great opportunity to hit an impressive jackpot. Summing up both pools, there are $272 millions waiting for a lucky winner. This week’s jackpots are surely worth playing for, as they can bring you a real fortune.

There were no winners for Wednesday’s drawing in Powerball, and the jackpot got rolled over once more, rising up to an incredible $141 million. Let’s face it, everyone would be really happy to see such an amount on his balance. The last rollover was won on February 22. It was even greater than the current one, as it was worth $403 million. Since then, nobody was able to pick all the numbers correctly and win the great Powerball jackpot. The draw will take place on Saturday evening.

You can become a millionaire even sooner, as the Mega Millions numbers will be drawn on Friday. There are $131 million currently in the pool. That’s a rollover just a little bit smaller than the one in Powerball, but still the numbers are highly impressive. The rollover got hit on January 27 for the last time and the lucky winner walked away with a $188 million prize. Another month has passed, so it’s time for a new Mega Millions millionaire.

Tickets for both lotteries are selling like hot cakes all around the USA. We can also see a flood of players from all around the world storming our site to get Powerball or Mega Millions tickets. Only during the last 24 hours, our customers have bought over 100 thousand tickets for both lotteries. It’s not a surprise, not only the lotto fans would be glad to see a check for over $100 million with their name on it.

If you want to join the race and play the American lotto, simply pick Powerball or Mega Millions and get your ticket now. You can increase your winning chances and go for both lotteries. More tickets mean a greater winning chance and the current jackpots are definitely worth it. Maybe we’ll see a new lotto millionaire (or two) this weekend.

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