Meet Polish Lotto and hit the jackpot!

Lotteries in Poland are rather popular like in any other country. Certainly lotteries here have not got such huge jackpots like the biggest world lotteries of the world, like MegaMillions or Powerball. Nevertheless, the sum of jackpot is quite big – about $500.000 every week or even more.

In these games about 13.000.000 people all over the country take part and dream about becoming a millionaire. And this dream can easily become true for one person. As a usual in most of the lotteries, those, who haven’t won the jackpot, have an opportunity to win smaller prizes.

In Poland Lotto lottery is the oldest one and the most well known among citizens. It has been played in the country for more then 60 years already and from the first game it has become very popular. The rules are standard: a player must guess six numbers out of 49. Those, who guessed all of them get the jackpot. Those, who guessed less numbers, get other prizes, which are smaller. Games are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Also it can be played online. For those, who wants to have more chances to win, there is an opportunity to pay a bit more for the ticket and play in one more round.

Jackpots are always different, but history knows a story, when the biggest jackpot has been won – it was about $14.000.000. Just imagine! How lucky the winner has been! After that no one has got such big sums in the lottery.
Poland also has some more lotteries, which are not so popular, like Lotto, but also have a number of participants and smaller sums to win. There are such lotteries, like Multi Multi, Extra Pensja, Keno, etc. The last, for example, is played in many countries too. In this lottery people win every five minutes. Extra Pensja, for example, is also a very interesting game, which is treated like a second wages.
As we can see Poland is full of interesting lotto games, which can bring players extra earnings. So play, because every day you have a chance to become richer!

If you want to check Polish Lotto online – check all informations about Polish Lotto and pick your lucky numbers to win Polish lottery jackpot!