Mega Millions – Powerball’s greatest rival

World’s biggest lotteries have earned a name of the most exciting way to claim enormous winnings. This isn’t a surprise, since the highest rollovers reach over one and a half billion dollars. Apart from that, we’re living in a digital world, so you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to get your lottery ticket for an American lottery. How is it possible? You can get a ticket online, you’ve got access to the biggest American and European loteries. You’re just a few clicks away from joining the race for millions. Powerball and MegaMillions are the biggest among the American lotteries. The second one is especially worth taking a closer look. How do you play Mega Millions and how much is at stake?

Rules of Mega Millions

Playing Mega Millions isn’t complicated. Registering an account on our website should be your first step. This is a simple process that requires you just to fill some personal data. Rest assured, you’re data is safe with us, it won’t be used for any other purposes besides informing you about a winning and organising the prize pick up. All you need to do now is to fill your Mega Millions ticket. You need to pick 5 lucky numbers from a 1 to 75 range plus an additional number from 1 to 15 range. The extra number is called the Mega Ball. Correctly picking the Mega Ball number is required to claim the jackpot and some lower-tier prizes. Player’s may also decide to use the MegaPlier feature that allows you to multiply the winning 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. As you may have probably figured out, this affects the prizes. But it’s only during the draw, when the MegaPlier number is being drawn, determining the multiplication of the winning. How much exactly can you win?

Mega Millions biggest winnings

Although the all-time rollover record was hit in Powerball (one and a half billion dollars), Mega Millions isn’t lagging behind. Until the day, the biggest MegaMillions rollover has reached $656 million. This happened in 2012 and the rollover got split between three lucky players. Next in line was the rollover from 2013, with a value of $648 million, and only two lucky players shared the winning. During the years we have seen numerous rollovers that surpassed $300 million. The good news is that the Mega Millions rollover doesn’t have an upper limit, so it’s quite likely that the record will be beaten in the future.
Rollovers, rollovers… but how much can you win in a regular Mega Millions draw?

Lower-tier Mega Millions prizes – not so low

What are the guaranteed minimum Mega Millions prizes? The numbers are big, as the minimum jackpot amount is $15 million. Apart from that, there are the lower-tier prizes:
– for picking 5 main numbers correctly
– for picking 4 main numbers and the Mega Ball number
– for picking 4 main numbers correctly
– for picking 3 main numbers and the Mega Ball number
– for picking 3 main numbers correctly
– for picking 2 main numbers and the Mega Ball number
– for picking 1 main numbers and the Mega Ball number
– for picking only the Mega Ball number correctly
If the player decides to use the MegaPlier feature, all the lower-tier prizes will be multiplied.
The Mega Millions draw takes place each Tuesday and Friday night.

Interesting facts about Mega Millions

The odds of winning any prize in Mega Millions are 1:14,49, while the odds of winning the jackpot 1:258 890 850. To improve your winning chances, you can decide to play using the system entries. You pick a bigger amount of lotto numbers, and the system uses all the possible combinations during the draw. It’s like playing with a bigger number of tickets at the same time. System entries allow you to claim more than one prize with a single line. System entries are a bit more expensive, so you may decide to create a lottery group with your friends or family members.