New GG World games coming soon!

We’re at the final stage of development and testing of the GG World Raffle, which is coming soon. What’s interesting, there will be several types of raffles available at GG World to provide as much excitement as possible. GG World Raffle will offer the chance to win various attractive prizes: luxury goods (fancy a Patek Philippe or a brand new Porsche?), trips, and of course cash.

That’s not all, there’s one more exciting game joining the GG World games family: GG World Keno. We’re thrilled to present the first high-frequency, multi-stake game. GG World Keno is a perfect game for players seeking intense experiences and applying their strategy to the game. What makes keno so unique is the possibility of choosing from 1 to 10 numbers and selecting a stake multiplier. The higher the stake, the bigger the win!

What’s the story behind raffle games?

Raffle games are probably the longest-existing lottery games around the world. Even before the first lottery ticket was printed, raffle games were already there for a long time. Ancient civilizations like Romans, Babylonians, Greeks, or Egyptians were fans of this kind of game, using bones or dice for drawing.

The first recorded ticket-based raffle game was held back in 1446 when Jan Van Eyck, a Flemish painter died and the widow sold tickets to raffle her husbands’ paintings. Raffles were widely used as a form of crowdfunding during the medieval ages, gaining popularity in countries such as Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Soon, they’ve been also brought to the New World. The first recorded game was held in Virginia in 1612.

Raffles are still here in our times, being an important source of funds for various societies, clubs or charities while providing fun, entertainment, and a possibility of winning attractive prizes for the participants at the same time. How do raffles work? Players buy numbered tickets for the chance of winning a prize. At a given time, the draw takes place and the lucky player, holding the matching ticket becomes the winner.

The history of keno

Historical sources claim that keno has been created in China during the Han dynasty ruling over 3000 years ago. The word keno itself comes from Latin and means „five meaning numbers”. During the 19th century, the word keno in Chinese meant „white dove ticket”, because the results of the draw were delivered with a pigeon.

Keno has also claimed popularity in Europe and it’s roots date back to the beginning of the 16th century. One of Genoa’s city councilors used the method of co-opting the required number of city councilors to create the rules of a new game. His idea became an instant hit and it’s been said it has brought substantial profits to the city’s cash register. Unluckily, when Genoa fell, keno has been forgotten for long, long years. It took centuries for the game to come back. In the form we know today, it was reactivated in Berlin in 1953.

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