Polish Lotto – do you want to play?

Polish lotto shouldn’t be underestimated due to the fact that it is the largest lottery that played in Poland. The largest jackpot of Polish lotto was recorded as 50,000,000 Polish Zloty.
Returning back to the history of this prominent lottery game, Polish lotto was launched in 1956 by Totalizator Sportowy. The first draw took place on the Sunday 25th January 1956. Polish Lotto is the most popular lottery game in Poland to date. This game with its own long history could guarantee you the reliable and successful service.

As far as popularity of Polish lottery goes, it cannot beat the big popularity of other European lottery like Euromillions and Superenalotto. However, it is considered to be really popular locally because more than 50% of Polish population plays regularly Polish Lotto.

It is high time to consider the detailed information, latest draw results and wining of jackpot. Compared to numerous lotteries played around the globe, the offered winning odds are rather high. There are 4 prize categories depending on the matched combination of the winning Polish Lotto numbers. This means thousands of cash prizes offered every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The news regarding the jackpot of this lottery says about numerous of jackpots. The bright example of the first one was reported on Tuesday 27 September 2011. The jackpot was held by the two lucky players from Reda and Warsaw who bought their tickets and eventually split the 56,160,000 zloty (about $15.7 mln) grand prize each becoming 28,080,000 zloty ($7.8 mln).

The next largest jackpot that was nearly for zł 52 mln. It is happened on 6 November 2012 and split between three lucky players from different Polish cities. The last but not the least grand prize reached zł 40.46 mln. The jackpot was split between the 5 lucky winners each getting zł 8.09 mln.

As far as single lottery concerned, the biggest lackpot accounted for zł 33.78 mln. The ticket was purchased in Gdynia for the draw as of 9 February 2012.
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