Powerball rollover claimed! Check your ticket!

After a few weeks of waiting for a winner in the famous American Powerball, we’re glad to share some great news. The last Powerball rollover worth $155 000 000 has been claimed by a single winner, making him a millionaire. This means the drawing on Sunday will be worth $40 000 000, the minimum Powerball jackpot.

The great rollover has been increasing since February 25. Just a few days prior to that, another great rollover worth $403 000 000 has been claimed. None of the players was able to pick all the numbers correctly until then. Some lower-tier prizes got paid out, but the main prize was waiting for the lucky player.

The lucky Powerball ticket was sold in Wisconsin. Only one player has picked all the numbers to be drawn correctly. The numbers were: 2, 9, 27, 29, 42, and 9 was the Powerball number.

The lucky player who owns the ticket with the correct numbers will receive a winning worth an amazing $155 000 000.

There’s more. Two players have picked 5 numbers correctly, and their tickets make them eligible for receiving $1 000 000 each. 32 players have picked 4 main numbers and the Powerball correctly and will receive one of the Powerball prizes worth $50,000 each. Over 500 players have won a prize worth $100 each. Surely they will use the cash to get some more tickets for upcoming draws.

The next draw which will be held on Sunday, will bring another opportunity to win. The minimum jackpot in the Powerball lottery is worth $40 000 00. That’s quite a minimum, we’d say. Correctly picking all the numbers required to receive a prize isn’t easy, so it’s quite possible that the pool will grow once again. Sooner or later, another stroke of luck will give us a new winner.

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We wish you best of luck in the draw!