All-time high rollover waiting in the Polish Lotto!

Another rollover in the Polish lotto! Several draws were held, but even though millions of players took part, nobody was able to pick all the numbers correctly and to claim the grand prize in this lottery. The next draw may bring the winner a prize worth approximately PLN 35 million (which is equivalent of around €8 million). It’s time to get the Polish Lotto tickets!

The last Polish Lotto draw took place on Saturday, but once again nobody was able to pick all six numbers correctly and to claim the jackpot. The pool has increased and brings a chance to win this great jackpot. It takes 6 correctly picked numbers to hit the all-time high Polish Lotto rollover. Such a great rollover has been lately seen on December 2016, when a lucky player hit a PLN 24 million jackpot.

Everybody was talking about the Polish Lotto rollover over the past few days. Hundreds stood in lines to pick their lucky numbers on their own or use the quick-pick to fill the lottery ticket. Such a great amount of money was even able to attract those, who are not really keen on lotteries. It could have been clearly seen that the interest in the Polish Lotto tickets was much higher than usual. We have also noticed a surge in the numbers of tickets we have sold. And it wasn’t only the Polish citizens who bought a ticket for this particular draw.

Over 35 milllions of polish zloty (or around €8 million) is not an amount one can ignore. The ticket costs just 70 eurocents, and pennies may bring you millions. All this makes the Polish Lotto highly attractive not only for Polish citizens, but for all lotto fans from all around the world.

If you want to participate in the draw offering the highest jackpot in the Polish Lotto, simply pick your lucky numbers and buy the Polish Lotto tickets online by using our services. Tomorrow’s draw may be one of the most important draws in the Polish Lotto this year!