TOP Places in Hungary to Visit for a Lotto Millionaire


Have you just been announced a lottery winner? It can be confusing planning what to do with the millions that you have won. Don’t worry for we have creative ways that you can spend your money.

Hungary is one of the world’s leading tourist countries in the world. A stopover here can be a great idea.

How much do you need to tour Hungary?

Let’s face it, Hungary is somewhat expensive and you will need a good amount of money to have a good time in the country. Not unless you are already a millionaire, the best approach is to play Eurojackpot online and stand a chance to win millions of cash. The lottery is known for making impossible dreams come true.

Top-rated attraction sites in Hungary

Once you are a certified millionaire, the following are magical places in Hungary that you should visit:

Buda Caste, Budapest 

Buda Castle, also known as Budavari Palota, is a spectacular historic site in the capital of Hungary. It has a wonderful design and a majestic proportion that makes it rank with the likes of Versailles in France.

This historic site is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering spectacular views and rich history. Whether you love history or not, the Buda Caste is a great place to be.

The Danube River 

This beautiful river flows from the north to the south of the country and passes right in the middle of the city, Budapest. So why would you want to see this river as a millionaire who has just found out that their lucky numbers match with the Euro jackpot numbers? Well, the views are spectacular. The sunset views that you get from this majestic river are unmatched.

You should be at the Freedom Bridge to get the perfect views of the river and the city. The Danube Bend also has spectacular recreational and exclusion sites that can define your visit here.

Historic Spa Towns 

Several spa towns in Hungary can define your vacation experience. They are spread throughout the country, offering a mixture of varied spa activities.

Some of the spas that you can visit include Turkish Baths, Lake Heviz, and Szechenyi Thermal Bath. They all have rich histories, and great medicinal, and relaxation benefits attached to them. You’ll feel like the millionaire that you are after winning the lotto.


Tihany is an eight square kilometers peninsula that has some of the finest sceneries in Hungary. It is a resort located in Lake Balaton. It is one of those places where you need money to have the best time. So, you should play lotto online now and stand a chance to win millions that will help you have a great time in this tiny peninsula.

It is a designated nature reserve with interesting walking trails. Traffic in the southwestern section is normally closed to facilitate foot exploration of the peninsula.

Hortobagy National Park

While there are many national parks in Hungary, your first visit should be to the Hortobagy National Park, which is located in the eastern part of the country. There are great attractions for you in this national park that will make you enjoy your stay.

You can hike, ride a bike, or enjoy horse riding adventure, which is a top attraction here. If you like horses, you should add a visit to the Herdsman Museum among the things to do here.  

The Hungarian Open Air Museum 

If you are a cultural kind of person, you can also visit the Hungarian Open Air Museum and enjoy a glimpse of the tradition of Hungary. It is a first-rate museum where rich men and women from all over the world come to spend their time.

Whilst there are many things that you can do in this museum, some great explorations that you can have included working in the blacksmith’s shop, stables, and barns.


The city was established in Roman times. It is a wine-producing city, famously known for both red and white wines. You can also visit the nearby Alps for a great hiking adventure.

Can you visit all these places?

If you are a millionaire, nothing can stop you from visiting all these places and many more. If you are playing lotto, just be on the lookout and check the latest lotto numbers to know if you are about to become a millionaire.

When that happens, get your traveling documents ready and book your flight to Hungary. If you’re already there, start planning an extensive tour of these top places in the country.