Top private islands of billionaires

private islands

When it comes to spending loads of money, billionaires often don’t settle for yachts, mansions and supercars. So they take it to the next level and buy islands. You know – white beaches, clear waters, palm trees, tropical cocktails. Actually, buying an island isn’t that out of reach for lottery winners. Pieces of paradise sell for around $50,000, and it’s up to you to decide what to do and what to build on the island.

We all know about the adventures of Robinson Crusoe, and lottery games give you a chance to live not as a shipwrecked person on a lonely rock in the ocean, but as the ruler of a plentiful island. Read our ‘how to become a lotto millionaire’ article to get ideas for the next draw in the lottery games that you can play on our platform. And here are the most famous islands of millionaires in the world.

Island of Lanai, Hawaii

With an area of 227 sq km, the island of Lanai was once considered the world’s largest exporter of pineapples. In 2012, Lawrence Ellison, the Oracle billionaire, bought 98% of the island for $300 million from then-owner David Murdoch. Ellison wants to turn Lanai into a “thriving and sustainable Pacific paradise” with everything from first-class tourist resorts, to an adventure park, intelligently managed agricultural greenhouses, renewable energy sources, and gourmet food and wine production. He wants to preserve the original and unspoiled nature of Lanai, where at the time were only a few gravel roads and no traffic lights, many pineapple plantations and two golf courses. Today, the island is home to 3,200 residents and boasts wonderful resorts, peaceful beaches and rugged terrain.

St. Phillips Island, South Carolina

Media mogul Ted Turner and his family have been some of the few visitors to St. Phillips Island for the last 35 years. The untouched island is a protected reserve and has white sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, maritime forests, lakes, and marshes. The abundance of fish and wildlife is immense. Now older, the founder of the 24-hour CNN channel has put the wild oasis up for sale for $23.8 million, and the new buyer is already enjoying the unspoiled nature and water fun. Such an expense will not be a problem for the next winner of the big international lotteries – check the EuroMillions results and the size of the jackpot. Sums of around 150 million euros should not surprise you.

Skorpios Island, Greece

If rumors are true, Bill Gates, Giorgio Armani and Madonna were contenders for Skorpios Island in the Ionian Sea. It was there that the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis married former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. In 2013, however, the trophy island, often visited by Maria Kalas, passed into the hands of Ekaterina Rybolovleva, daughter of billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The plans of the Russian family are for Skorpios to become a luxury resort for selected visitors – the new Monte Carlo, with an amphitheater and helipad. According to unconfirmed information, if you want to rent the entire island for a week, you will have to pay 1 million euros. Of course, after hitting the jackpot games this won’t be a problem, so make sure you check the latest lotto results.

New Holland Island, St. Petersburg

Not all billionaire islands are surrounded by azure seas. New Holland is an artificial fortress in the heart of St. Petersburg, created by Peter the Great for the needs of the fleet. Therefore, for centuries the place was inaccessible to ordinary people. But not for Roman Abramovich. The Russian tycoon hired an American architecture firm to transform the forgotten area into a lively place with cafes, galleries, museums, shops, hotels, offices, housing, and even a park. Abramovich himself owns a huge $90 million mansion on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, surrounded by a blue lagoon and fabulous beaches, as well as the world’s most expensive yacht, so he’d probably prefer to spend his time elsewhere.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

The eccentric billionaire Richard Branson is willing to share his private island with visitors generous enough to pay a decent price for a night in the Caribbean paradise. Or with his star guests, among whom was Grigor Dimitrov. In fact, Branson also owns neighboring Mosquito Island, which also has luxury villas. To become part of the social circle of people like Branson, play Eurojackpot online or other international lotteries that can make you not a millionaire, but a billionaire.

Among other private islands worth noting is the Isle of Breccia in the English Channel, not far off the coast of Normandy, purchased by British knights and identical twins David and Frederick Barclay. The island has a large Gothic castle, swimming pools, olive groves and botanical gardens. The island has been open for day visits for 10 years now. Bill Gates, who for many years topped the list of the richest people in the world, spent 25 million dollars on the exotic island of Grand Bouguet in Belize.

These islands are the perfect place to escape and relax. Test your luck in the world’s leading lotteries and tune in to a positive wavelength. The best is yet to come.