Try Playing Lotto Online and Check How Much You Can Win

Playing Lotto is a simple and extremely exciting way of gaining big winnings. You need just to pick several Lotto numbers on a ticket and wait for a Lotto drawing; it may turn out to be lucky. Today, the participation in numeric lotteries is simpler than whenever since there is no need for visiting an outlet in order to purchase tickets, there is no need for standing in a queue in order to pick Lotto numbers or check the drawing results. Furthermore, there is no need for joining exclusively those lotteries which are organized by Totalizator Sportowy; one can play the greatest world lotteries. How can it be possible? The answer is very simple – today any player with an access to the Internet can play Lotto online.

Is Playing Lotto Online Complicated?

Playing numeric lotteries via the Internet isn’t difficult at all, furthermore, many issues turn out to be simpler than playing in a traditional way at an outlet. The basic steps of playing lotto online remain unchanged. There are the following steps:
1. The choice of a lottery which you would like to play; apart from Polish Duży Lotek you can choose American lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions as well as European lotteries Eurojackpot, EuroMillions, UK Lottery or SuperEnalotto. All these lotteries are available on
2. Picking a necessary amount of lotto numbers which has been provided by a form of particular lotteries:
– we need to pick 6 Lotto numbers out of 49 number on Duży Lotek
– we need to pick 5 numbers out of the pool of 69 number and one additional number from 1 to 26 on Powerball
– we need to pick 5 numbers out of the pool of 75 numbers and an additional number from 1 to 15 on Mega Millions
– we should pick 5 numbers out of the pool of 50 numbers and 2 additional numbers from the group of 10 numbers on Eurojackpot
– we should pick 5 numbers out of 50 numbers and 2 additional numbers from 11 numbers on EuroMillions
– we should pick 6 numbers out of 49 numbers on UK Lottery

– we need to pick 6 numbers out of the pool of 90 numbers and an additional Jolly number on SuperEnalotto

Thus, you can purchase a ticket with several clicks and pick lotto numbers in a calm way without hurry, in the comfort of your home. Your choice is not restricted by the working hours of an outlet; you should only remember to manage purchasing a ticket an hour before a drawing.

Lotto Online Results and Winnings

While playing via the Internet, you can choose all the results of drawings and lotto winnings in a comfortable way. You do not necessarily need to be at home in order to watch a lotto drawing on TV. If you have the mobile Internet, you can watch a live drawing on your Smartphone or laptop in any place.

You also do not need to visit an outlet in order to check the yesterday’s lotto results or a history of results. You will find every drawing result along with the winnings in the history of lotto. The latest do not differ from the winnings available at outlets. Thus, you are fighting for the same guaranteed winnings and lotto rollovers.

Then, how much can you win on a Polish and world lotto via the Internet? The guaranteed values of the first-tier winnings are the following:
– 2 million zlotys on Duży Lotek
– $40 million on Powerball
– $15 million on Mega Millions
– €10 million on Eurojackpot
– €17 million on EuroMillions
– €1,3 million on SuperEnalotto
– £10 million on UK Lottery

One can gain such money without leaving one’s home and even bigger sums of money with rollovers. Then, it is worth trying to play Lotto online; every player will certainly notice the advantage of such a game over a game at an outlet and will remain loyal to playing Lotto online for a longer time.