The way to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot

The national Italian lotto is known to be one of the hardest to win. From another hand, the SuperEnalotto jackpot that equals €140.2 millions attracts many people to participate in the lottery.

The main prize of SuperEnalotto continues to grow each month and now is ready to compete with the biggest draws in the world, as well as become the record top prize of Italy. At the same time, the ticket price will pleasantly surprise you. Also, SuperEnalotto has one undeniable advantage – only one raw of lottery numbers. Simple single-matrix system, when you pick only general numbers and no additional ones, allows you to use statistic winning strategies.

Is it possible to increase your chances to win the prize? Of course! Here you will find several useful advices.
Lottery is a game of probability. You cannot predict the result of a draw with a 100% guarantee unless you’re medium or extrasensory perception adept. But still, you can tame Fortune using some simple rules when you pick your numbers.
The results of the previous draws will help you to know which numbers appear more often than others and how they combine. Like they say, things that happened before many times will probably happen once again in the future. In order to pick the best combination of numbers, mix even and odd numbers.

The winning combination in SuperEnalotto never consists of all even or all odd numbers. Statistics says that 70% of time these numbers happen like 50/50.
The numbers range of SuperEnalotto is from 1 to 90; you better pick 3 numbers from the range 1-45 and the next 3 numbers – from 46 to 90. 2/3 of all winning combinations are like described above. Besides that, try to sum all your numbers. The best option if the sum is in the range from 208 to 338 because this is where the majority of winning combinations comes from.

Try to pick “hot” numbers. This means that half of the numbers that were present in the previous 6 draws will probably be among the winners again in the next draw. But let at least one of your picked numbers be “cold”. If your prefer the probability theory, then you will have to avoid of picking the same combination every draw. Change your combinations each time because “hot” and “cold” numbers in SuperEnalotto change with each draw too.
Refuse random number generator because it doesn’t give you a balanced lottery combination of numbers. You will have to invest some more efforts to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot.