What you should know about Eurojackpot lotto?

There is a popular lottery, which is appreciated by many people in the world – EuroJackpot. Mostly it is well known in Europe, because practically all countries from this continent are involved in it. Though it is rather young in comparison with other popular games, the number of participants and sums of jackpots grow over years. By the way there is a minimum sum, which can be won as a jackpot – it must be not less than $10.000.000. The highest edge in Eurojackpot lotto is not specified, but there were cases, when it grew to 90.000.000 euro with the ticket price is only 2 euro in tradicional lottery office!

Here are the main points, which a player should know about the lottery:
Game frequency. Unlike many other popular lotteries, EuroJacpot held its games only once a week – every Friday at a particular time. Usually the game is held in Helsinki, Finland. About 100.000.000 people take part in each game.

Rules. They are rather similar to other lotteries. A player is given 50 numbers out of which he or she needs to choose 5 correctly. Also there are 10 more numbers, out of which they need to guess two. Those, who guessed 7 numbers, get the main prize. According to the rules only people from countries, which are included in a special group of the lottery, can take part in it. In one ticket there are two rates, which a player can make. But if paid more there is a possibility to make more rates. More rates – more chances to win in Eurojackpot lotto. Those, who haven’t bought usual tickets, can play online on the official site of the lottery.

This lottery unlike many others has such rules that the jackpot is won more frequently, so that huge sums are not combined and do not go till the next game if no one wins. So the chance to get a good some is bigger. This is a good advantage, and many people, who play for a long time, can build up their own strategy. The biggest jackpot has been won in 2015 and went to Czech Republic. Most frequent winners are people from Germany and Finland – players from these countries win jackpots several times a year according to the statistics of Eurojackpot lottery.

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