Play Mega Millions online and have fun!

Play Mega Millions

Most Americans have heard of the Mega Millions lottery, and for good reason. It is one of the largest national lotteries, and boasts of massive prizes up for grabs by anyone lucky enough. Over the years there have been countless stories in the media about people becoming multi millionaires from one day to the other, […]

Eurojackpot winners – all you have to know

Eurojackpot winners

Are you looking to learn more about some of the people who have won the Eurojackpot? Perhaps find out how much money they won, how often people actually hit the largest jackpot possible, or maybe learn how many people from your country have been lucky? Today we will take a closer look at the history […]

The best things you can do when you win a million euros!

The best things you can do when you win a million euros!

Most of us would love to win the big prizes in the lottery. But we have probably also read about the lucky winners that waste all their money on pointless things, and soon after are broke again, or even worse, in debt. If you should be lucky enough to win a million euros or more, […]

Why are there so many big lottery jackpots?

big lottery jackpots

If you have been checking out the different lotteries in your country, or perhaps internationally, you might have seen the large amount of jackpots being offered at an extra cost for each ticket. And while the extra potential prize money seems interesting and nice to win, you might also wonder whether you should choose the […]

TOP reasons to play Powerball online

TOP reasons to play Powerball

The Powerball lottery is one of the largest lotteries in the world, making many people millionaires each year. It is a combined effort of more than 45 states in the U.S, and as such the prize pools can be staggeringly large. Today we will look closer at the potential winnings, the rules involved in playing, […]

TOP places to visit in Japan for a lotto millionaire

TOP places to visit in Japan

If you have been lucky enough to hit the jackpot in the lottery, you might want to go on a world trip. Many people from all over the world see Japan as an exotic and exciting place to visit, and it is therefore a very popular destination. From the amazing food, friendly and kind people, […]