The probability of winning millions in the lottery

All over the world, lotteries heat up the imagination of millions of players and tempt with huge prizes. Until recently, players’ choice was limited to the lotteries available locally, but it has all changed and now it’s easily possible to play lotteries from all around the globe such as Mega Millions, Powerball of the Eurojackpot. How’s that possible, if the only way to purchase a ticket was visiting the country organising the lottery? The answer is simple – it’s the Internet.
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A guide to the world’s biggest lotteries

Several years ago, lottery fans were forced to play only the lotteries available locally. Getting a ticket required to visit a local lottery office. Nowadays we are used to the comfort of online services. What should you do when you feel the urge to play lotto and the office is closed already? And what if you’d like to play a lottery that is not available locally?
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Why should you check the lotto results archive

While browsing our site, you might have noticed, that we publish not only the latest draw results, but also run a lotto results archive. Have you ever wondered why we have decided to store all the past draw results of the lotteries available in our offer? Past lotto results may be a very useful tool for preparing your own strategy and a key to great prizes. While using the past results for picking their numbers is natural for experienced lotto players, newbies might find it a bit difficult to understand. If you’re looking for an answer on how to use it, read our article and increase your winning chances.
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How to win the lottery

Winning a lottery isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. There many lotto millionaires, who found their way to pick the correct numbers for the draw. Numerous players wonder each day how to win the lottery and doesn’t make any further steps. Today we’d like to present 5 different approaches, which may be worth trying. Maybe one of them will bring you a fortune. Read more…

Crazy Powerball winners’ stories

We’ve published numerous stories about lotto winners. Due to its great jackpots, Powerball gains the most attention from the players, and at the same time, this is the lottery where the most amazing things happen. We’d like to present you 2 cases which go beyond imagination. In our opinion, even a highly-skilled novel author would not be able to come up with anything as entertaining. Read more…

Which type of a lotto millionaire are you?

Do you play lotto on a regular basis and wait for this special moment when it turns out that you are the lucky one? But have you ever thought about the type of lotto millionaire you would become? Would you stay anonymous? What would you do with the prize? Would you share it with your relatives? Or maybe you would hire a financial advisor to help you with managing your winning? We have prepared a description of 5 lotto millionaire types, found in the lotto world the most often.
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Don’t fall prey to a lotto scam!

Lotteries are highly popular these days, but at the same time they are often used by cybercriminals to scam people, taking advantage of their ignorance or just a lack of attention. Today, we’d like to present you some of the methods used the most often to trick the unaware internet users. May this be a safety reminder and a guideline so you don’t fall prey to one of such activities.
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Don’t miss the EuroMillions draw!

Another great EuroMillions draw will take place tomorrow. The prize pool has been increasing for several weeks now and a great rollover worth 139 000 000$ is waiting. Hurry up, the clock is ticking, so pick you lucky numbers now and play this great European lottery that may change your life tomorrow. Give yourself a chance to become the next lotto millionaire!
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Powerball rollover claimed on April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is a great day for jokes and laughter, but it may also be a great to change your life by winning the lottery. That’s what happened to one of the players who won an impressive Powerball rollover on April 1st and this time it was not a joke! Each day brings an opportunity to claim one of the great lotto jackpots, so play to win!
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Which lotto rollover is the most attractive this week?

A brand new week means new possibilites to win the lotto. During the next few days, the draws of the world’s greatest lotteries will be held and there are some great lotto rollovers waiting so make sure you don’t miss them! Check the highest rollover of the week, pick your lucky numbers and play to win!
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