Crazy Powerball winners’ stories

We’ve published numerous stories about lotto winners. Due to its great jackpots, Powerball gains the most attention from the players, and at the same time, this is the lottery where the most amazing things happen. We’d like to present you 2 cases which go beyond imagination. In our opinion, even a highly-skilled novel author would not be able to come up with anything as entertaining.

Hitting the jackpot in Powerball is surely a dream of all lotto fans from all around the world. Since its beginning, Powerball has rewritten life stories of many, but these two are something that goes beyond the lotto-made-millionaire scenario.

Winner by a mistake

Natividad Doyle and her husband came to the USA from Philippines, looking for a better life. Living in Indiana, she was working as a house cleaner with her husband was working for the General Motors. While working hard, the couple believed that a lottery ticket may change their lifes sooner or later.

One day Natividad went out to get her ticket in a grocery store, as she ususally did on a regular basis. She had her own set of numbers she played with each time. But at that particular day, the lotto machine malfunctioned. Instead of her numbers, the machine has filled the ticket with random ones. Natividad must have somehow felt this may be her chance and decided to keep the ticket. The hunch she had was right and when she checked the Powerball draw results, she found out that the ticket brought them a jackpot worth $7.1 million!

After finding out that she won, Natividad decided to quit her job immediately. Her husband stayed at GM at first, but soon he decided the same. The lucky couple decided to claim the jackpot in a form of 25 annual installments instead of a lump sum payment, to be financially secured for the rest of their lifes.

Keep your ticket safe

A man in California has been hunted by the local news in September 2015. The hunt began when the ticket he bought at the Rosemead supermarket became the winning ticket for the Powerball jackpot worth a nice, round $1 million.

The store employees claim the man got identified and knew he was the ticket holder. Sounds great, but there was one tiny problem. He had actually lost his ticket and the rules are clear, any winning cannot be claimed without the ticket. Luckily, this story has a warm ending, as his prize got distributed among the state schools in California.

This story clearly shows that it’s extremely important to keep your ticket safe. Luckily, using Lottoparks services to play Powerball online keeps you safe all the time, as your numbers are always visible in your account. Enter this great lottery, get your Powerball tickets online now to write a happy lotto story of your own!