Do you know that the British Lottery supports good causes?

UK Lottery

Did you ever think about where the money goes from the British lottery tickets? Apart from the jackpot, there are millions that are spent on social and other welfare projects. Organizers of the lottery spend money on different charities and offer scholarships and many other financial support programs for the needy.

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What does the lottery bring to philanthropy?

The story of the lottery is not new. It started as a lucky draw activity that was common in colonial times. The colonial government used to offer lump sums of money and prizes for successful draw games, which made people play and gamble with their own money. The winners who won the contest would put their cash in a common pool called “yearly prize fund” or, later on, annual capital. Then, all of the collected money is counted by lottery officials after each draw and allotted to the winners based on their rank.

Then, a few years ago, a new rule was introduced to shorten the time it takes for people to receive money due to winning. Now, instead of waiting for the whole year to receive the prize, each winner gets the money at once. This idea came from the fact that people were getting their money quite late, and some even passed away before receiving it.

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Organizers spend about £200 million annually for good causes

The British lottery works as a non-profit organization which means that it has no desire to improve its financial situation. The only goal of this organization is to help needy people through various charities and social projects. The game was founded on the principle not to let any cent from ticket sales go into organizers’ pockets. All of them are donated to charity projects and social programs.

Health, Education, Environment, and Charitable Causes

40% of the revenue generated from lottery tickets is allocated to different programs related to health, education, the environment, and charities. The money is used to help people fulfill their needs, such as taking care of ill children, students who have difficulties with paying their tuition, and elderly people who need assistance with food and medical care. Make sure to check the latest UK Lottery results so that you can also contribute to the betterment of society.

Although this program is quite new, it has already brought a lot of good results. The lottery has been one of the main funders of the National Health Mission and the National Council for Education in India (NCEO), which was started by the British government to help primary schools in rural areas. Nowadays, almost half of all students in secondary schools have scholarships offered by NCEO. The numbers are even bigger when it comes to students in higher education, where scholarships are provided by The Indian Government Scholarship Board (IGSB).


So, the lottery is one of the most effective and efficient funds in the fight against poverty. Every penny that is spent on tickets goes to help those in need, which results in a win-win situation for everyone. Apart from the said programs, here are some other good causes supported by the lottery:

  • Sport – 20%
  • Arts – 20%
  • Heritage – 20%

The British lottery helps and supports people who are poor and needy. This form of good cause is just as important as other forms of charity.