Eurojackpot vs. EuroMillions – Which is More Attractive?


Playing the top lottery games offers an excellent experience. When you have to choose between two of the leading lotteries, you have a big task; but you have to do it nonetheless.

With a focus on Eurojackpot and EuroMillions, we’ll help you figure out which of the two is the best for you. Of course, our recommendation will only be based on factors to consider when choosing a lottery and you will decide based on these factors.

Are Eurojackpot and EuroMillions the same?

Well, the question is somewhat ambiguous because there are ways these two lotteries are the same yet there are other differentiating factors.

In terms of popularity, both lotteries are the same. Lottery schedule is also the same – you can play Eurojackpot and EuroMillions twice a week: on every Tuesday and Friday. This means that you have to hold on to your Eurojackpot winning numbers until Tuesday or Friday to find out if you have won or not.

However, the focus of this review will be on the differentiating factors that can help you decide on which to play if you have to choose one.

Factors that differentiate Eurojackpot and EuroMillions

Here are the parameters of comparisons that can help you know the difference between these two leading world lotteries.

Lottery rules

This refers to the set of rules used when picking numbers and how to win.

Eurojackpot: When playing the jackpot game, you have to pick and match 5 numbers from a pool of 50 and add 2 more numbers from a pool of 10.

EuroMillions: When playing the jackpot game, you have to pick and match 5 numbers from a pool of 50 numbers and add 2 extra numbers from a pool of 12.

The difference between the two lotteries is in the extra two numbers where Eurojackpot has a smaller pool (1-10) while EuroMillions has a slightly larger pool (1-12).

Minimum jackpot prize

This is the lowest amount that you can win when playing the jackpot game. In both lotteries, the jackpot rolls over if there is no winner at the time of the weekly draw.

Eurojackpot: The minimum jackpot prize when playing the Eurojackpot lottery is €10,000,000. The jackpot can roll over up to a maximum of €120,000,000. 

EuroMillions: The minimum jackpot prize here is €17,000,000. If there is no winner, the jackpot prize will roll over up to a maximum of €240,000,000.

Based on the jackpot prizes, EuroMillions seems to be a more attractive lottery. You can always check the newest lotto numbers to see if you have won the latest jackpot draw. 

Prize divisions

These are the various tiers of winnings or simply referred to as the prize options.

Eurojackpot: It has 12 prize divisions, meaning that you have 11 other prizes to win apart from the jackpot prize.

EuroMillions: It offers 13 prize options, meaning that you have 12 other prizes to win apart from the jackpot prize. You need to follow the live draws and check the latest EuroMillions results to know if you have won any prizes or you can check the results on our

Ticket price

It is the amount of money that you pay to enter the lottery game.

Eurojackpot: The cost of a ticket per line is €3,70 on our website.

EuroMillions: A ticket costs €4,20 per line on our website. 


It is not possible to estimate the taxation policy for each lottery. This information can be obtained from the website of the lottery provider because it depends on other factors such as the host country’s taxation rules. However, the estimate could be anything between 0-25%.

Summary: which is better?

Both lotteries are great and you can choose any to start playing. You just need to identify the most convenient lottery for you to get started.