Eurojackpot – Win Up to 120 000 000 Euros!


Are you considering playing the lottery in the hopes of winning a large sum of money? Then the Eurojackpot is an option that offers some of the largest prize pools in all of Europe, and even rivals most lotteries in the entire world.

Today we will cover how you can play Eurojackpot, what the rules are, how to check the winning numbers, and much more. So if you want to try your luck at the Eurojackpot, but are not quite sure where to start, then keep reading this article. Enjoy!

How Eurojackpot Works

The Eurojackpot lottery is relatively new, since it was first introduced as a concept in 2006, and did not become available to the public until 2012. However, it has a longer history behind it, since it is a result of the experience that many national lotteries have accumulated over decades.

As the name suggests, the Eurojackpot is widely available throughout most of Europe. There are currently 18 different countries participating in the lottery, making it one of the largest lotteries in the world.

Due to the many people and countries playing each week, the Eurojackpot is able to present incredibly large prize pools, often exceeding 120 million euros! This amount is even more impressive, when you consider the fact that most European countries will not claim taxes on this amount, as it has already been deducted from the prize pool itself.

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The Rules of Eurojackpot

The rules of Eurojackpot is relatively simple, especially if you are already familiar with the basic concept of lotteries. In short, you will need to pick a set of winning numbers, and hope they get drawn by the official provider.

The goal is to guess the 5 winning numbers and 2 star numbers correctly, in order to win the largest jackpot. However, there are different combinations such as 5 winning numbers and 1 star number, or 4 winning numbers and 0 star numbers, that also result in you winning money.

If you wish to learn more about the different prizes available, then we recommend you check Eurojackpot prizes here, to see all about the details in your country.

How to Play Eurojackpot Online

It is quite easy to play Eurojackpot online lottery, as modern technology has made it convenient and quick to pick your winning numbers and buy your ticket on the internet. It is however important to remember, that the Eurojackpot numbers are drawn every Tuesday and Friday.

Therefore, if you want to play a specific draw, you should do so before it begins. It is possible to choose a date in the future, if you want to skip the next draw for instance, just choose the time and date you want to play in.

Remember that you have to be 18 years or older to participate, and that you will need to complete the registration process on an authorized online platform before you can play Eurojackpot.

Once you have bought a ticket and are registered for a draw of the Eurojackpot, it is time to arm yourself with some patience. You can check the winning numbers in real time as they happen, but if you do not have time for that, you can always check the latest Eurojackpot results at a later date.

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