EuroMillions or Eurojackpot rollover? How about both?

Looking for a lottery to play this week? Look no further. After a period of time dominated with American lotteries, it’s time for Europe. EuroMillions and Eurojackpot bring the highest rollovers in the forthcoming draws. Which lottery will you pick? Would it be the Eurojackpot rollover to tempt you or would you rather go for EuroMillions? In the end, you could go for both and increase your chances of winning!

The next EuroMillions draw which will be held on Friday, 18:30 GMT, and the prize pool is worth €76 000 000. That’s almost as big as some of the American lottery rollovers. To play the EuroMillions, pick 5 main numbers and 2 additional ones. To claim the grand prize, you need to pick all the numbers correctly. The EuroMillions rollover has been growing since March 17, so it’s definitely about time for a lucky player to break the bank! It’s worth noting that not only the jackpot is worth playing for, the lower-tier prizes are highly attractive too. Picking 5 main numbers and one additional number grants the player the second-tier prize, which could be worth several hundred thousand euros!

The Eurojackpot rollover makes the second great European jackpot waiting this week. The next draw, which will be held on Friday, may bring the lucky player an incredible jackpot: €72 000 000. The draw will be held at 21:00 GMT. To play the Eurojackpot, you need to pick 5 main numbers and two additional ones, exactly the same as in the EuroMillions lottery. Alike EuroMillions, Eurojackpot also offers several prize tiers, and not only the jackpot is the reason why players all over Europe enjoy this lottery so much. Several hundred thousand players claim a prize in each draw.

The European lotteries seem to be a smarter choice for the players, as the biggest American lotto rollover from the last few weeks have been claimed. By bringing such great rollovers as the current ones, the European lotteries have once again proven that they may be as attractive as their American counterparts. This is why EuroMillions and Eurojackpot should be the player’s pick for this week, as their jackpots could help in fulfilling virtually any dream. The rules are pretty simple, the tickets ain’t expensive, so..

Pick your lucky numbers and get your tickets online now! Good luck!