GG World Raffle Information

GG World Raffle is the newest addition to the GG World games family. LottoPark bring you the possibility to participate in this unique game and win. What makes GG World Raffle so special? First of all, raffle model is pretty different from the traditional lotteries you perfectly know like Powerball, Mega Millions or Eurojackpot just to name a few.

Participating in a raffle draw, you don’t pick a set of numbers. Instead, you select a ticket number (or numbers if you decide to buy more tickets and increase your winning chances). The draw doesn’t select a winning numbers’ set, but the winning tickets. Why is that so important? Being a lottery player, you perfectly know that jackpots can remain unclaimed for weeks or even months, and the draws pass without a winner.

GG World Raffle Prizes And Winners

That’s not the case with raffle. Each and every draw, which takes place when all the tickets are sold, always brings a winner of the main prize! No more rollovers, guaranteed winner after the draw. That makes GG World Raffle so attractive for the players. The main prize isn’t the only one waiting to be claimed, there are also second-tier prizes waiting. Don’t hesitate, pick your GG World Raffle ticket and become a winner of GG World Raffle now!