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GG World Lottery

One often engages in frivolous games of cards or some kind of a magic trick to test out their luck and they also get rewarded at times. But card and magic tricks will make you lose more money than you could ever earn from it because it is the game that’s deceiving and you often become trapped in it. But what if we tell you that with a sum of money as little as $1.40 – $5 you can win jackpots of $1,000,000 – $100,000,000 and more.

The GG World Lotto games

The GG World offers three different lotteries with different jackpots and subsequent prizes on each of them. But the way you play them is the same. You have to pick a line with 7 numbers, out of which the first five numbers have to be from 1 to 50, in any order or fashion you like, and the remaining 2 GG numbers have to be from 1 to 12, again in an array of your choosing. You can auto-pick these numbers using the quick pick tool or you can hand-pick each one of them. The lotto results and previous draws are all available at the website display, to help you pick better numbers and select the numbers that are drawn most.

The first prize or the jackpot goes to the person that has all of its 5+2 numbers matched with the final draw at the end. The other prizes are given away for matching combinations of 5+1, 5, 4+2, 4+1, and others. In total there are 13 different prize categories.

You can increase your chances of getting your hands on the millions by purchasing more than one line and hence have a better chance of your numbers matching with the draw.

There are various advantages to playing GG World games online. One can literally access the GG World network from anywhere across the world just with a cell phone and a working internet connection and it is open 24*7 for 365 days. The assurance of having a fixed prize for the first 4 places and also having completely safe and secure transactions is something that every player wants. And prizes up to $50,000 can directly be transferred to the winner’s account without any lag. The display of all the data of winning numbers draws, and previous draws make the whole process very transparent for the player. Along with the transparency having multiple online paying portals provide players ease in buying the ticket. With the GG World, you can buy your number lines as late as 18:30 on the day of the draw.

GG World Lottery

GG World Lottery offers you the biggest prizes of all. It has a minimum jackpot of $100,000,000 and has no maximum limit to the prize amount that you can win. This means you have the chance to win more than $100,000,000 twice a week every Tuesday and Friday.

The minimum number of lines that you have to pick for this lottery is 5 and you can choose up to a maximum of 25 lines, for $5 per line. So, if you want to play – here you can buy GG World Lottery tickets.

GG World X

GG World X is another low risk and high reward virtual lottery of the GG World family that has a base prize of $10,000,000 and this prize also knows no upper bounds to it. The draws for this lottery are announced on Tuesday and Friday at 7:45 UTC.

The number of lines that you can pick for this lottery game ranges from a minimum of 5 lines to a maximum of 25 lines for a price of $1.80 per line. So, play online, and don’t forget to check the latest GG World X results and winning numbers.

GG World Million

This is the last member of the GG World family. GG World Million is played on the same set of rules as its other counterparts of the family and is distinguishable because of the minimum prize amount. The base prize for this lottery is $1,000,000 and the final numbers are drawn on Tuesday and Friday of each week.

You have to pick a minimum of 10 lines to play this lotto game and you can go as high as 25 lines, to increase your winning chances, for $1.40 per line. So, click here and play GG World Million online.

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