Great rollovers in SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is one of the most interesting European lotteries, standing out of the competition with frequent draws and attractive prizes. Until some time ago, only the citizens of Italy had the possibility to play this lottery, as Italy is the country of origin of this lottery. Buying SuperEnalotto tickets at a local convenience store or a gas station was a must for tourists visiting this country. Even Madonna took her chance while being on tour and won.

Madonna spent her over $100k winning on charity. Nowadays, visiting the sunny Italy is not required to get a ticket for SuperEnalotto. Anyone can play this great lottery thanks to the possibility of buying the tickets online. What’s so special about SuperEnalotto?

How often do we see a winner in SuperEnalotto?

SuperEnalotto is a lottery, allowing the prize pool to grow when none of the players was able to pick all the required numbers correctly in the last draw. The pool gets rolled over and the jackpot grows. It’s not a surprise that jackpots are in lottery enthusiasts’ focus. The minimum jackpot in SuperEnalotto is €1.3 million. The highest recorded rollover in this lottery surpassed €178 million. The grand prize in SuperEnalotto has been claimed on August 1st 2017 and the lucky winner took over €77 million. Until then, the jackpot is still waiting for a player to pick the 7 numbers correctly. The prize has been rolled over many times and in effect, the rollover on October 10th will be worth €44 million. SuperEnalotto draw are held three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so the pool grows really quick.

As we’ve mentioned before, the highest recorded rollover has reached nearly €180 million and got split between 70 winners. The highest single win in this lottery happened on October 27th 2016 and brought the winner an astounding amount of €163 million. Other impressive winnings in SuperEnalotto brought the players €72 million, €100 million and €147 million. What does it take to win such a prize?

How to win a SuperEnalotto prize?

SuperEnalotto is a lottery that requires you to pick 6 numbers within 1-90 range and an additional Jolly numbers. You can pick the numbers by yourself or use the quick-pick tool to fill in your ticket with random numbers. There’s also a possibility to play with system entries, allowing you to pick up to 20 numbers, and participating in the draw with all the possible combinations. System entries highly improve your winning odds.

Here are the average winning for each of the prize tiers:
– tier 1 winning – €9,6 million euros (6 main numbers)
– tier 2 winning – 240 000 euros (5 main numbers + Jolly)
– tier 3 winning – 7800 euros (5 main numbers)
– tier 4 winning – 114 euros (4 main numbers)
– tier 5 winning – 8 euros (3 main numbers)
– tier 6 winning – 5 euros (2 main numbers)

You can check the SuperEnalotto draw results on our website right after the official results announcement. LottoPark gives you the possibility to play online, check the results online, and even claim your winning in the same way, as it will be automatically transferred to your account.