How to win the lottery? Top tips for 2023


Is there a sure way to win the big lottery jackpot? This question is so popular that it is possible to come across all kinds of answers, even absurd ones. From prophecies, through mathematical formulas for calculating probabilities, to the practice of customs and rituals for good luck – anything can be found on the Internet. Well, the truth is that modern lotteries are secure enough so no one has the chance to “hack” them. Serious operators use secure machines, and the number spheres are inspected by independent verifiers before each run.

No, we don’t want to discourage you. This article is about the exact opposite – playing the lottery online and being successful. We have put together a few tips that you can apply to increase your chances, including in the games available on our platform. Because, as the saying goes, fortune favours the brave. And it often doesn’t happen by itself. So do what’s necessary to make it happen. This is how.

Be consistent

Do not rely on dreams and premonitions. Hristo Stoichkov said it – the one who plays wins. Therefore, participate regularly in the draws of your favorite lottery. While aiming for the jackpot, you may win other mouth-watering prizes. For convenience, you can use a subscription. It’s an easy way to never miss a withdrawal.

Especially for local games, the subscription is valid for the next two or five draws. If you choose to subscribe to another international lottery, for example, if you want to play EuroJackpot online now, you will automatically be entered into the Friday draw every week until you cancel your subscription.

Play with different combinations

The vast majority of players bet on their families’ birth dates to make a combination. Of course, this is wonderful, but the lack of the variety in the game reduces your chances. This is because the majority of these combinations involve the numbers 1 to 31, while for the larger numbers, the competition is significantly weaker. However, it is not possible to be born on the 45th of November, for example. By checking the latest lotto results and statistics, you will find out which numbers come up most often and which ones – the least often.

Try new games and methods

If you don’t do well in one lottery, then try another. Successful players participate in several games at the same time. International lotteries, such as Mega Millions, as well as the Spanish, Italian and other national lotteries, offer group tickets, also known as syndicate tickets. The more people enter their numbers or pre-filled combinations, the higher the chances of winning. This method of playing is so popular that big jackpots are often won precisely with group tickets.

Use systems

System slips are the hottest way to bet in the lottery world. They allow you to enter more numbers than the combination requires to get more combinations. This method not only increases your chances of winning the jackpot but also the additional cash amounts from the prize pool. In BST games, the full combo and abbreviated scoring systems have already made dozens of players rich.

Be sure to check the EuroMillions results and the game-winning opportunities. Let’s give an example – if you filled in a slip with 10 of the required 7, the system generates a total of 252 combinations. Although it is not the cheapest, it can definitely be very profitable.

Our other important tip – set a monthly or weekly betting amount and never exceed it. This way you will protect your budget, play responsibly, and fully enjoy the thrill of the lottery.