Polish Lotto Online

Lotto is a lottery available locally in Poland. It’s been held since 1957 and changed its name multiple times since then (Duży Lotek, Toto Lotek, Multi Lotek). Totalizator Sportowy is the organizer of the lottery.

On May, 2016, the biggest rollover was recorded, with 60.000.000 PLN in the pool. The jackpot was split between 3 lucky players, who had picked all 6 numbers correctly.

Draws are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The minimum jackpot in Polish Lotto is 2.000.000 PLN.

Polish Lotto in the world

The lottery is highly popular in Poland. Even though the minimum jackpot is only 2 000 000 Polish zloty, rollovers can make the winning pool bigger. Until recently, it was necessary to visit a local lottery office to play the Polish Lotto, as the lottery organizer doesn’t offer the possibility to play the Polish Lotto online.

LottoPark wants to meet the expectations of players who wish to play this lottery from the comfort of their homes, but also aims to present the Polish lottery to players from all over the world.

Anyone can play the Polish lotto online now – all you need is to pick the lucky numbers and buy Polish Lotto tickets on our website.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Poland, Scotland, Australia, Andorra, China, Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Brazil, Canada or Egypt. Simply use the offer we have prepared for you, if you wish to play the Polish Lotto online. All it takes to play is a pc, a smartphone, or any other mobile device with internet access.

We are sure that LottoPark will attract players from other countries and continents to the Polish lotto, and their interest will grow every day. Play the Polish Lotto online today!

The rules of the Polish Lotto

The player needs to pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49 range. The numbers can be picked by the player or by the popular quick-pick method, which means automatic, random picking done by the system. To win the jackpot, all 6 numbers have to be picked correctly. The Polish Lotto also offers several prize tiers. To win any prize in the Polish Lotto, at least 3 numbers have to be picked correctly.



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