Mother of four wins £14.5 million in EuroMillions

On 17th February, the EuroMillions draw has dramatically changed the life of Beverley Doran, who won £14,500,000. Beverley is a mother of four, two of them are autistic. When she was left alone to raise her kids, she was afraid of the future coming for her and her kids – especially when they grow up. Luck has smiled upon her.  A winning EuroMillions ticket marks a ground-breaking step forward a better life and makes all the fears go away. Read the story of a British whose life was changed by a lucky lotto ticket.

It was 7 months ago, when Beverley was left alone to raise four kids: boys aged 9, 10 and 17 and a 5 year old girl. She was working as a receptionist, earning just 400 pounds a week. It’s not surprising, that she was worried about the future for the autistic two. It’s obviously expensive to upkeep four kids. Ensuring the safety and proper living standards for autistic kids means extra expenses. She didn’t really believe that her luck is about to change.

When Beverley checked the EuroMillions results, she couldn’t believe it’s true. She has hit the jackpot in on of the Britain’s biggest lotteries! She already knew that someone from the UK has hit the jackpot, but didn’t expect that she could be the owner of the ticket worth over 14 million pounds. Her kids were the first ones to hear the news. Beverley ran into their room crying tears of joy and announced, that they’ve became millionaires! The numbers she has picked for the ticket were 25, 19, 33, 36, 48 and 2, 9 were the Lucky Star numbers.

The British has stated, that her ex won’t see a penny from the EuroMillions prize. She has also explained that she doesn’t own the money, as they belong to her kids, being the most important in her life. This way she wouldn’t have to worry about their future any more. Beverley has quit her job to take care of her autistic kids. She has also decided to buy a house, so each of the kids could have its own room, instead of three rooms for five as before. Besides that, Beverley wants to help her mother and other people who really need it.

Beverley has been celebrating on a weekend out with her friends and decided to buy a 500 pound bracelet. Something bigger? She’s thinking about buying a house in Portugal for her family, especially the kids, to reward them for all the years when they all had to think twice before spending a single penny.

She is aware of the fact, that numerous EuroMillions winners often squander the prize, so she mainly seeks to invest in her kids’ future and make sure they would have all they need. This is a truly respectable approach to the matter, as it proves Beverley Doran keeps a cool head and thinks about her most beloved ones, instead of seeking luxury and pleasure.

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