Play the Polish Lotto Online

How to play the Polish Lotto

You can find several places in every Polish city allowing you to pick your lucky numbers. You can also play the Polish Lotto online by using our services, easily and quickly, from the comfort of your home.

Pick 6 out of 49 numbers. If you want to hit the jackpot, you have to pick all six numbers correctly. The Polish Lotto gives an opportunity to win lower tier prizes, so picking correctly just 3 numbers makes you eligible for a prize.

You can decide to pick the numbers on your own or go with blind luck your, using the quick-pick tool. If you decide for the latter, the numbers will be randomly picked by our system.

You can purchase the Polish Lotto tickets online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at LottoPark. It’s a convenient and modern solution, making the most popular Polish lottery accessible to Polish citizens living abroad and players from other countries, who’d like to try the Polish Lotto and win one of the great rollovers.

Polish Lotto ticket prices

Would you like to check the Lotto ticket prices at LottoPark? Pick the number of lines and your lucky numbers to participate in the nearest lottery draw. Our system will automatically sum up the cost of the tickets you’ve ordered and the current Lotto ticket price will also be displayed under the number picking table.

Lotto ticket prices at LottoPark include the traditional paper ticket acquirement costs at the local lotto office and our fee. We put our utmost efforts to make the Polish Lotto ticket prices at our site stable and attractive.

Tips for the Polish Lotto

Check which numbers have been drawn the most often lately. There’s a high probability they will be drawn again! You have a chance to outsmart the drawing machine, if your ticket would include a combination of the most frequently drawn numbers.

Don’t hesitate to play more than just one line; pick more than one set of numbers for the draw. The more Lotto tickets (sets of numbers) you pick, the bigger your chance for hitting the jackpot is.

Remember that you can always increase your chances of winning. Go for the Polish Lotto tickets online purchase with a group of friends. You can pick more lucky number sets when you buy a bigger number of tickets. The overall Lotto tickets price won’t be a big cost, as it will be split it between each member of your group.

Don’t hesitate! Buy the Polish Lotto tickets online and go for the big win!