Polish Lotto Results and Winning Numbers

Check the latest Lotto results to see if you have won. Current results of the Polish Lotto available on our site are taken from the official lottery website.

You can also check the archive draw results to see the numbers which have been picked the most. The Lotto results available at LottoPark are solid and reliable.

The Polish Lotto Jackpot – The Polish Lotto rollovers

The Polish Lotto draws are held three times a week, which makes the rollovers quite frequent. Although they don’t reach amounts like the ones in the greatest American or European lotteries, they still tempt many lotto players. The Polish Lotto rollover always attracts big attention and the local lotto agencies are being stormed by players who can now buy the lotto tickets online.

The biggest rollover was recorded on 7th May, 2016 and reached 60.000.000 PLN. It was split between three lucky players. The biggest single win in the history of the Polish Lotto was hit in August 2015 and paid 35.234.116,20 PLN to the lucky winner.

When a rollover occurs in Polish Lotto – the whole country knows about it and even those who usually don’t play Lotto, decide to buy tickets to get a chance for one of the Polish Lotto prizes. With the tickets in hand, they can only wait for the Polish Lotto results and compare the numbers drawn with the ones on their ticket.

Polish Lotto prizes and Polish Lotto winners

Polish Lotto doesn’t offer as high rollovers as the ones in other European or American lotteries, but they are still attractive enough to gain popularity among players. Polish Lotto has 4 prize tiers. Picking all six numbers correctly is a dream of many Polish citizens.

Check the Polish Lotto winners column in the table and you will see that there are tens of thousands of winners in each draw.

Don’t hesitate, check the Polish Lotto winning numbers, and the current rollover and give yourself a chance for a prize in the Polish lottery. If you haven’t won the jackpot – check your numbers again to see if you have won one of the lower-tier Polish Lotto prizes.

The Polish Lotto’s most frequently drawn numbers

It’s worth checking the numbers which have been drawn the most to increase your winning chances. You can use them to fill in the ticket or use just some of them and mix with your favourite numbers on your ticket and check the Polish Lotto winning numbers after the draw to see if you have won.

The most drawn numbers in Polish Lotto are 13 and 42. Number 13 has been drawn 206 times during the last 10 years. Number 42 has been drawn in 14% of the draws during the last 10 years. Other frequently picked numbers are 32, 6, 18, 4, 19, 45, and 17.

It’s up to you to decide to play the Polish Lotto online. Analyze the Polish Lotto results from the past few weeks, pick the most frequently drawn numbers or create your own set of numbers and participate in the next draw. Give yourself a chance for one of the Polish Lotto prizes and join the lucky group of the Polish Lotto winners!



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