GG World Raffle Results

Check the latest draw results of GG World Raffle and compare them with your ticket number. First, check if your ticket number (or numbers, in case you’ve participated in the draw with more than one ticket) matches the one displayed under the first tier winner. Click „Show tickets” on the right to see if you have become the great winner of the main prize.

Didn’t have that much luck? Don’t worry, there’s the second tier winners list you should definitely check. Each draw of GG World Raffle also brings a bunch of smaller, but also attractive GG World Raffle prizes you can use to participate in the next draw and have another shot at the main prize. Click „Show tickets” on the right in the second tier line to display the winning ticket numbers. Compare them with your tickets to see if you have won.

We are aware that the past draw results are also important for the players. You can check all the archive draw results by selecting the draw date from the dropbox. This feature is highly useful in case you’ve missed a draw and the next one already took place or you’d like to prepare your playing strategy by analyzing the past draw results to find the ticket numbers that have been drawn the most or the least often.

Don’t waste your time and buy GG World Raffle tickets online now! We wish you good luck! Have fun!