The world’s most exclusive events for lotto millionaires

events for lotto millionaires

Luxury cars, designer clothes and diamonds are nothing if not displayed at special events for the wealthiest people on the planet. Rich heirs, brave investors, show business and Holywood stars, athletes, and lucky winners from an online game of Eurojackpot or another major lottery gather there. Sitting in the royal box at the Wimbledon final, watching the exhibition of the most expensive yachts in Monaco with a glass of premium champagne or walking the red carpet – these are the lavish and glamorous events that turn their visitors into celebrities and give birth to legends.

Will you be part of the Rich Club? Why not? Check the results of the latest draw of the 6/49 Lotto and see the size of the jackpot. Fingers crossed for you to win it! A lot more useful information and advice await you on our platform. So let’s move on to our short list of the most exclusive and prestigious events in the world that are inaccessible to ordinary people.

Monaco Yacht Show

Every September, the world’s leading superyacht show brings together the wealthiest people on the planet with industry pioneers and luxury yacht builders lining up to fulfill their clients’ wishes. And, of course, the show goes hand in hand with orders, and the evenings are spent with glamorous receptions, sophisticated surroundings, and even bets in the famous casino of Monte Carlo. The exhibition brings together the most modern, impressive and breathtaking yachts, but also a bunch of rich and famous people. The event is organized under the patronage of His Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Ball at the Vienna Opera

The annual Ball at the Vienna State Opera – the most prestigious and famous ballroom in the world – is the epitome of grace and the triumph of beauty. This lavish event, steeped in history and scented with perfume, is the crown jewel of Vienna’s ball aesthetic. The ball enjoys considerable international attention, attended by wealthy art connoisseurs, royalty, and world-renowned artists. It is imperative that you display not only top-notch clothing but also refined manners. Fans of the performing arts should not miss the Moscow Ballet Festival to enjoy great performances in sophisticated company.

Paris Fashion Week

Contrary to its name, Paris Fashion Week spans different periods throughout the year at dozens of locations in the French capital. In January and June, the fashion shows of the new men’s collections take place, and in October and March, it is time for the women’s haute couture. Although similar events are organized in New York, London and Milan, Paris can still claim to be the world capital of style. Thousands flock to get a close-up look at the creations of top designers and supermodels on the runway.

If you want to meet celebrities, go to the catwalk at the Grand Palais or the Espace Eiffel. But the real thrill comes if you can afford private fashion shows and receptions with influential designers, glamorous top models and elite guests. Don’t forget that you can check yesterday’s lottery results on our platform, which could make you the newest millionaire!

The Superhorses of the Royal Ascot

One of the most exclusive races in Great Britain is Royal Ascot – not just horse racing, but an aristocratic competition of the most thoroughbred and expensive horses in the world. Royalty stands in the front row. Guests come either with invitations or with enough funds to afford a ticket. The fastest thoroughbred horses in the world await you, and their wealthy owners and sponsors are there for introductions and new ventures. The event takes place in June.

The millionaire calendar is busy and hectic. Don’t miss the Snow Polo World Cup in the famous alpine resort of St. Moritz, the Cannes Festival, the Paris Air Show, and the most expensive real estate exhibition in Hong Kong. Wonderful places with special people… Lottery games are an opportunity to enter the Rich Club and learn all about luxury and glamour. Fingers crossed!

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