Top 5 Things That You Can Do With Your Huge Lottery Winnings

Huge Lottery Winnings

Are you looking for some inspiration on what to do if you ever win the large jackpot in the lottery of your choosing? Or perhaps you already know what you would do, but would like to learn more about the most popular things people spend their money on?

In this article we will cover the 5 most popular things to do with your huge lottery winnings when you play the lotto online and win big. We have scoured the internet for sources from past winners to compile this list of the most common purchases and investments, so keep reading!

Real Estate

Taking our first spot on the list is real estate. Lottery winners love to secure their future by purchasing a property for themselves, their children or other family members. Sometimes people just upgrade their existing homes, but most often, they buy new and larger properties in more exclusive areas.

This can not only serve as a practical purchase, but also an investment as homes are tangible assets that have been shown to appreciate well when looking at year on year growth. Not to mention that it just feels nice living in your dream home. So feel free to check the latest lottery result and see if you have won enough money for your own real estate venture.


Next on our list is vacations and adventures. Many lottery winners choose to leave their home area for a time, exploring new continents, cultures and culinary experiences. Just imagine leaving the boring weather, hopping on a plane and spending a few weeks or months at a tropical paradise.

Travel can broaden the mind, but also help you relax and appreciate your own local area even more once you get back. Lottery winners typically choose exclusive resorts in high-end locations, but we have also read about lottery millionaires choosing to backpack across Europe.

Helping Friends & Family

Another popular thing for people who win the largest lottery jackpots, is to help out their friends and family financially. Many people have debts of some form, whether it be from student loans, house payments or even medical bills.

Lottery winners often relieve these financial burdens by helping relatives achieve their financial goals, which not only puts the recipient in a better place, but also feels good, as it has been proven that doing good for others will help your own mental space too.


This term is quite broad, and not only encompasses stocks and bonds, but also many other types of investments. This could be starting new businesses in order to diversify their existing wealth and hopefully obtaining even more, or investing into an existing business for a stake.

Most typically however, lottery winners invest into the stock markets. And based on that, we found that the most common investment in 2024 is in mutual funds rather than single company stocks. After all, if you bet on the entire market to do well, you are more likely to be right than if you choose a single company.

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Luxury Items

The last entry on our list is the more personal indulgence. After all, what good is winning many millions, if you can spend it on the things you have always dreamed about? Many lottery winners buy luxury cars, designer clothes and bags, and expensive watches.

While most of these items will not appreciate in value over time, it can still help make the winners feel great about themselves, and they typically enjoy these things on a daily basis, compared to investments that sit locked away in a digital back account.

We hope you liked this article, and that you found some inspiration for when you win the big jackpot. Good luck!

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