Top 5 Tips for EuroMillions Player


EuroMillions is a top lottery that offers a sensational jackpot prize. Winning the jackpot in this game is a dream come true for many players. So, how exactly do you increase your chances of winning? This is a question that most players would want a precise answer to. Luckily, we have not one, but five precise ways that you can use to become a winner playing this high-stake lottery game.

How to get started playing EuroMillions?

Even before we embark on the tips that will help you win, you need to understand how EuroMillions work. It is a European lottery game that is played by picking five main numbers from a pool of 1-50 and two extra numbers from a pool of 1-12.

How much can you win?

The winnings of EuroMillions are what make it a great lottery game. It has a huge jackpot prize starting from €17 million. The jackpot is on a rollover basis, meaning that it gets bigger by the week if there is no winner announced. It can go up to a maximum of €220 million.

The jackpot prize is very attractive and could help you solve all your financial problems. Every Tuesday and Friday at 7:45 pm, the draw is conducted to see if there is a winner of the jackpot prize. You can check the latest EuroMillions results and winning numbers online after the draw. Now, you have enough information about the lottery; you need the tips to help you win.

How to win EuroMillions?

There are five tips that every player needs to know if they want to become the next jackpot or major prize winners in EuroMillions.

  1. Go “all” in one draw

Since the lottery is a game of chance, you can increase your chances by having more tickets in a single draw. Instead of spreading your lottery budget over a long period, you should budget for it on one single draw that will increase your chances of winning. For example, if your budget is to play 52 combinations a year; you stand a better chance to win if you put it all in one draw.

  1. Go beyond birthdays

If you choose birthdays, numbers beyond 31 will not feature in your lucky numbers. Everyone is obsessed with picking their birthdays but it decreases the chances of getting the winning combinations. You are also likely to share a jackpot prize with other players who share your birthday numbers.

  1. Be original

Avoid predictable sequences like 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. They can win you a good prize if the draw lands on them but you will also share the prize money with thousands of other people who are too lazy to come up with original lucky numbers. Therefore, generate your original lucky numbers.

  1. Don’t pick last week’s number

Of course, last week’s number can also win the lottery but it will mean that you are sharing it with many people. Immediately a draw is conducted, many people pick the same numbers and bet on them. Don’t be one of them.

  1. Go online

You don’t want a scenario where you played, won, but cannot find your ticket. This is why we recommend that you play EuroMillions online to be able to track your winnings.

With these tips, you will definitely succeed when playing EuroMillions. Please remember that at LottoPark, you can also play the best online lotteries from all over the world. Register now and play the lotto online and win big.

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