TOP Attractions in Slovakia for a Lottery Winner


Let’s face it, winning the lottery is one of the finest experiences that you can have in life. But what happens after you’ve won? A vacation, right? Slovakia has some cool places that you can visit if you check Eurojackpot results and find that you are a jackpot winner. We’ll share with you the best places that should top your list.

Slovak Paradise National Park

Are you looking for beautiful scenery with wild and rugged landscapes? The Slovak Paradise National Park is the place for you. Here, you can explore the rivers, valleys, and deep canyons.

A deep exploration of this national park will take you deep into the thick forest where you will find astonishing waterfalls. There are also wonderful walking trails with bridges that sway to and fro to make the experience worthwhile.

Tatralandia Waterpark 

Located on a 16-hectares piece of land, this water center is a great place for entertainment. You can visit this place alone or with family or friends for a heightened experience. It is also a therapeutic place to visit with some artificial reservoirs in place with high temperatures.


 It is the largest city and the capital of Slovakia. There are many things to do while in the city. When you play lotto online today and win millions, you can visit a range of gothic buildings that show the history of the nation. The city is also surrounded by amazing farms, fields, and villages that offer good scenes for someone on a holiday.

There are also great restaurants, hotels, clubs, boutiques, and other interesting places you can enjoy spending your money.

High Tatras 

It is a majestic mountain range that is home to some of the tallest mountains in Slovakia. Hiking and rock climbing are great summer activities that can spice up your vacation. During the winter, you can ski down the mountains, thus, making it an all-season place to visit.

The mountain range is also beautiful and has some great sceneries that will make your visit to Slovakia memorable.

Banska Stiavnica 

Rich people visit this fascinating city, which is a former mining town. Most of its riches come from the minerals extracted from the city. Here, you can visit museums, palaces, and churches that are significant to Slovak culture.

There are also additional castles and an open-air mining museum that you can visit while in the city. An underground tour will help you see how it was in the mines.

Spis Castle 

The ruins of Spis Castle are spread over a large territory, making this place among the largest castle sites in central Europe. Of course, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thus holding significant importance not just to Slovakia but to the world.

Skok Falls 

Slok Falls is an easy-to-access attraction. From the shore of a nearby lake, you can enjoy the scenes of this waterfall. The trails heading to the actual site of the waterfalls are well-marked and you cannot get lost. However, as a lotto millionaire, hiring a guide to take you there won’t be an issue.

City of Levocha 

This city has a small population of about 14,000 people. However, the ancient city still has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. There are interesting places you can visit once you check EuroMillions results and find that you are a winner. The museums and local attraction sites will amaze you. There are also renaissance buildings that will make great highlights of your stay.


If you are looking for a perfect ski resort, don’t any further than the region of Liptov. There are amazing winter sports that you can play here. There are also amazing walking trails for people with different skiing abilities.

Well, you have tons of options when you are in the region of Liptov; all you need to do is to plan for your range of activities and head to this fine resort city.

How to spend time in Slovakia?

All these places to visit have various activities that you can do as a millionaire. However, you will also need to book a nearby hotel to where you will be visiting. You can also read about the top places in Hungary to visit for a lotto millionaire if you are interested in further exploration.

With enough money in your bank, you shouldn’t be limited to what you can do; you can visit any place you want.