Top lotteries to play in the United Kingdom

UK Lottery

Are you looking for a lottery to play in the United Kingdom? Well, you will be spoilt for choices. The UK has several great lottery companies that offer some of the most competitive lottery games in the world.

Are all UK Lotteries Legit?

Being at the heart of Europe, the UK attracts many lottery companies. A majority are legitimate and offer great gaming experiences. However, you have to be selective and choose a reputable lottery brand in the UK.

Some of the things that you have to look out for when selecting the lottery brand to play in include the history of the lottery and testimonials of past winners. But if you don’t have time to conduct due diligence, you can simply use our analysis of the top lotteries in the UK.

The Best 4 Lotteries in the UK

UK Lotto

Also known as the National Lottery, the UK Lotto is one of the best and most popular lottery in the country. This lottery is responsible for creating many millionaires since it was launched in 1994.

So, how does the lottery work? The game format is quite simple – you select six numbers from a pool of 1-59 and pick an extra number called the Bonus Ball from the same pool. The draws are conducted every Wednesday and Saturday where you can check lotto results and see if you are a winner.

The minimum jackpot in this lottery game is £2 million, which rolls over every weekend there is no winner. Just like any other lottery game, the more you play, the more chances you have of winning. The game is available online and you can always check the latest UK National Lottery results online.


It is a transnational lottery game in Europe. The UK is one of the participating countries. Its popularity in the UK is unquestionable because of its large jackpot prizes.

The game format is quite simple – you pick five numbers from a pool of 1-50 and two extra numbers from a pool of 1-12. Matching all numbers wins you the jackpot prize, which is always on a rollover basis.

Draws are conducted every Tuesday and Friday. In case you miss the live draws, you can always check EuroMillions numbers and results online to find out if your numbers were drawn.


This is another top lottery game in the UK that has simple rules and great rewards. While it has lower jackpot prizes compared to Lotto and EuroMillions, players here get the benefit of better odds of winning.

To play and win this game, you have to pick five numbers from a pool of 1-39 and an extra number from 1-14 and match all of them. You can check Thunderball winning numbers every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Set for Life

This is a unique lottery game that sets your life for a lifetime of greatness. Instead of a one-off jackpot prize, the top prize in this game wins you £10,000 per month for 30 years. This lottery is operated by the National Lottery.

To play this game, you select five numbers from a pool of 1-47 and an extra number from a pool of 1-10. You can check Set for Life results and numbers live on Monday and Thursday evenings or simply check their online portal.

Getting started

These top lotteries in the UK can change the course of your life. Get started playing today to increase your chances of winning.