Top Places in Greece to visit for a Lotto Millionaire


Discovering Greece is an exciting adventure, but it is hard to decide where to start first. The country offers a lot of options, both in terms of where to eat and how to spend your days. Athens is the capital city, so it can be a little hectic at times.

Even though there are some places that are less frequent, they are just as interesting and worth exploring. Before starting to plan your trip to Greece, don’t forget to check the latest EuroMillions results.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Greece as a Millionaire

We have tried to cover the most exciting and exotic destinations where you can enjoy the real perks of spending your winnings. So, let’s review the top choices for the lotto millionaires.


Apart from the fact that it is the capital city and the largest city in Greece, Athens is also one of the most visited tourist destinations on the globe. It features a huge number of different things to see, including cultural sites as well as museums and galleries.

There are also lots of cozy cafes and tavernas where you can have a nice lunch or dinner with your family or friends. The famous Acropolis located in Athens is arguably one of the greatest symbols of ancient Greece.

Rhodes Island

The island has a great deal to offer for everyone who enjoys either active or relaxing vacations. The local resorts are well developed, so you can enjoy all the luxuries. Almost every accommodation option available here will impress you, especially with their spacious and airy design.

The villas and apartments here offer everything that is necessary to provide comfort during your stay on the island. If you have these locations on your bucket list, you must play EuroMillions online to hit the jackpots.

Corfu Island

The famous European destination is situated on the Southern tip of Greece. It is building a good reputation among tourists due to its amazing architecture and historical monuments, great beaches, as well as vibrant nightlife and culture. The capital city of Corfu city offers a lot for everyone who loves exciting nights in trendy pubs and bars or wants to relax by going to one of the many gorgeous sandy beaches surrounding the area.


This is one of the most popular resorts in Greece. It is situated in the middle of the Aegean Sea and has lots of fascinating things to offer. The locals welcome all tourists with open arms, so you will never feel lost here. The incredible beaches, great nightlife, and low prices are just a few reasons why this destination makes it to this list.


The island is one of the most beautiful spots in Greece. It is also a great destination for honeymooners and families with kids. The island boasts remarkable architecture and great beaches, so you will never get bored here. You can rent an apartment or villa and enjoy your time in the breathtaking scenery of this place.


All of these exotic travel destinations in Greece are waiting for you. Being a lotto millionaire is possible for anyone. You need to check the lotto results if you have recently bought the ticket. You might be the next lucky winner on this trip with your family and loved ones.