TOP places in Norway to visit for a lottery winner


Have you just won a lottery and you don’t know where to go? Norway is a secret gem in Europe with exciting places for millionaires to spend their holidays. We have a list of exciting places to visit in Norway as a lottery winner.

Why should you visit Norway?

Why choose Norway, yet there are many other places in Europe?

  1. The culture of the people is inviting and you won’t feel lonely
  2. The surreal scenery of the countryside is memorable  
  3. Varied outdoor activities to do including skiing, mountain climbing, cycling, whale-watching, etc.
  4. There is the freedom to roam
  5. Low crime rates
  6. You can see the northern lights
  7. A wide range of wildlife to explore

These are just a few of the top reasons why Norway should be your next destination when check the newest lotto result and finding that you are a top prize winner. There’s an almost guarantee that you will have an amazing experience in Norway.

The best places to visit in Norway

Norway is simply beautiful! You should explore the whole country, but if you can’t, start with the following places:

The Oslo region 

In 2019, Oslo was named the European Green Capital – this is enough reason to visit the Norwegian capital. The capital boasts of cutting-edge food areas, events throughout the year, and museums among other attractions.

If you are a lover of nature, you should be excited about the surrounding deep forests that help to combine busy city life with nature-inspired activities like hiking and cycling.

Hadeland is just an hour’s drive from Oslo. Here, you can have extensive outdoor activities in this new art destination full of exciting exhibitions.


Is visiting the land of the northern lights on your bucket list? Well, you should plan a trip to the Arctic city of Tromso.

This city is right in the middle of Norway and provides tourists an opportunity to enjoy various activities including watching the northern lights, midnight sun, whale watching, and other epic adventures. If you play Eurolottery online, you should find it easy to pay for all the epic adventures in Tromso. Hire a reputable tour guide for the best ski touring experience in this city.

Bergen and the western fjords 

Some of Norway’s popular fjords are found here. It is a Historical World Heritage Site that has a great view. A visit to this place will also give you an experience of some of the mountains found in Norway.

In addition, there are great restaurants where you can find local cuisine. You can also visit museums in the area to experience various aspects of Norwegian art and culture.

Lofoten and Nordland 

If you are looking for a place where you can find perfect beaches, glittering fjords, and authentic fishing villages, then make your way here. It can be somewhat expensive; thus you should visit after you have confirmed yourself as the next lottery winner. This destination is perfect for real outdoor experiences including biking, hiking, and skiing. You can also enjoy scenic drives along the coastal route.

Bodo is a town in the city that has booming cultural activities in this region. Did you know that this town will become the capital of European Culture in 2024? Now you know!

The Stavanger region

This region in Norway presents a combination of world-class street art and old wooden houses, a perfect place for a lottery millionaire to spend time. With favorable Powerball results, you can always count on this region to offer a millionaire’s experience. It has great natural attractions and beautiful wide and white beaches.

The best village experience is on the North Sea road headed to Egersund. It is your perfect opportunity to connect with locals.

Southern Norway 

The Southern part of Norway has more hours of sun every year compared to other areas. Therefore, it creates a unique summer experience.

Your visit to the southern part of Norway should target the local towns and enjoy the charm of the locals including unique cuisines, fun festivals, and lazy days on the beach. What a perfect place to rest!

Planning a trip to Norway

As a lottery winner, it will be easy for you to visit Norway and explore all these places. Just like you would do with any other holiday destination, you need to plan for your trip to Norway.

Set aside a budget for your trip to enjoy the experience in the country. You can also read our article about the top places in the Netherlands to visit for a lotto millionaire to expand your options. In your planning itinerary, always check out the weather conditions to avoid disappointments when you are already in the country.  

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