Top Places to Visit in Mexico for a Lottery Millionaire

Visit in Mexico

Hitting the jackpot in your favorite lottery can open many doors for you and your family. One of the most popular things to do for newfound millionaires, is to travel the world. Mexico is an amazing country to visit if you are looking for plenty of sun, friendly people and a wide variety of activities.

So in this article we will explore some of the best places to visit in Mexico for lottery millionaires looking for that feeling of exquisite luxury, great service and plenty of spending opportunities to make you feel as great as you deserve. Enjoy!

Punta Mita

This is a true paradise for explorers and tourists that fully lives up to its reputation. The beaches are the perfect golden color, and the ocean has a beautiful clear turquoise tint to the deep blue reflections. If you play Powerball online and win, then this destination is well worth a visit!

Punta Mita is a peninsula that is fully private, and developed exclusively as a resort area. It f features golf courses, family villas and bungalows, some of the best dining experiences and many luxurious things for everyone to explore and visit.

Mexico City

What is a trip to Mexico, without visiting the metropolis of Mexico City? This modern melting pot of cultures and trends offers a deep history combined with modern luxury at its best. Here you will be able to explore art, luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and brand name retail shops at every corner.

But you will also have the opportunity to venture deeper into the history and culture of the Mexican people, as there are many areas in Mexico City where you can experience a different and more authentic side.

Playa del Carmen

If you want to mingle with other people that are well off, but also experience a relaxing vacation with plenty of sun and beach, then Playa del Carmen might be the destination for you. Here you will find a trendy destination with upscale beach clubs and designer boutiques galore.

Of course, the area also offers plenty of opportunities for fine dining, luxury beachfront hotels where you will be pampered in style while you check the lotto results, and access to the Cozumel island for an interesting day out exploring.

Puerto Vallarta

For those who play German Lotto 6/49 online and manage to hit the big jackpot, Puerto Vallarta is a great destination to consider. This is a a picturesque coastal city that has some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, but also the charm of the old town area.

Whether you wish to spend big on your accommodation with an upscale resort and gourmet dining, or save your money for souvenirs and boutique shopping, you can do so in Puerto Vallarta and enjoy every second of your time there.

Riviera Maya

Our last destination on this list is the Riviera Maya. For people who play Eurojackpot lottery online, this might feel a bit more like home, as it resembles the French Riviera in certain aspects, namely that it is a long stretch of coastline with high-end resorts and crystal-clear waters.

Here you can rent your own private beachfront villa, enjoy a trip to one of the many luxury spas, or possibly feel like an adventurer when you take in the history and culture of the nearby ancient Mayan ruins.

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