TOP things to do in Malta for a Keno winner

TOP things to do in Malta

If you have been fortunate enough to win big at Keno, then a luxury holiday to Malta might be just what you crave. After all, this gem of an island is beautifully surrounded by the deep blue waters of the mediterranean ocean, offers tons of beautiful scenery, and some exclusive resorts and experiences that will create life-long memories.

So in this article we will help inspire you with some of our best ideas for attractions to visit, places to eat and more, as well as briefly explain a bit about the climate, weather and other important things to know before you jump on a plane and fly to this beautiful country. Enjoy!

Stay at The Phoenicia Malta

This five-star historic hotel in Valletta offers opulent accommodations, impeccable service, and stunning views of the Grand Harbour. And due to the location, it is a perfect base for exploring the capital city and the rest of the island.

Since Malta is not that large of an island, it is possible to rent a car or hire a chauffeur to drive you around the entire area of Malta within a single day. Thus making The Phoenicia Malta your main base, you can explore everything at your own pace. It might be expensive however, so consider if you should play Latvian Keno online now, in order to get your winning chances.

Visit the Blue Grotto

While it certainly is possible to visit the Blue Grotto on a budget, we recommend that lottery winners instead take a private boat tour to the Blue Grotto on the south coast of Malta. This way you will be able to enjoy the stunning sea caves and clear blue waters in better style, and at your own pace.

These natural caves offer a mesmerizing natural spectacle, that will surely be worth photographing, and something that your entire family will remember for many years to come!

Charter a Private Yacht

What is a vacation to the Mediterranean, without actually exploring the beautiful blue water and marine life itself? We recommend that Keno winners explore the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean in style by chartering a private yacht.

By doing this, you can visit hidden coves, enjoy watersports, and stop wherever you like for a quick swim, or exploration trip. And if you play Greek Keno online and win, you might even be able to afford an onboard chef, so that you can dine on gourmet cuisine while at sea

Private Guided Tours

We also recommend that Keno winners arrange private guided tours of historic sites on Malta, in order to visit and learn about the culture and history. In particular we can recommend the Hypogeum, a prehistoric underground temple, as well as the medieval city of Mdina.

By booking a privately guided tour, you can enjoy an exclusive and informative experience. It will cost a bit more than a public tour, so be sure to check the latest Polish Keno results and see if you have won recently!