TOP things to Do in the USA for a Lotto Millionaire

Las Vegas

Have you just won millions in the recent jackpot draw? This can be really exciting! A vacation in the United States is what you need to start thinking about before anything else. As a millionaire, the US offers exciting things to do.

What are the best places to visit in the US?

The vastness of the US provides numberless options of places to visit. Your personality and interest will help you decide on the best places that you can visit in the country.

There is a suggested list with varied places and different activities to do. Hopefully, this list will be your comprehensive guide soon after you check the newest lotto numbers and find that you are a lotto millionaire. The money that you’ve won will help you accomplish all your vacation goals in the United States.

The Ultimate USA bucket list

Check out this guide with the best things to do in the country.

Visit Niagara Falls

Many tour guides in the United States will always recommend a visit to this famous waterfalls site situated along the US-Canada border. Niagara Falls is popularly known for its great quantity of water that makes real the experience of what a waterfall should look like.

You can watch it from either the American or the Canadian border. But with the kind of money you have as a millionaire, crossing the border for better views shouldn’t be a problem. Whether you like nature or not, just make a point of visiting Niagara Falls.

Take a tour of Hollywood

Hollywood is a great place for a millionaire to spend time exploring. It is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, popularly known as the cinema of the United States because it is the hub of the US film industry.

It is also a place that has nowadays become associated with money, power, and glamour in the entertainment business. A tour here presents you with a chance of meeting your favorite actors.

Visit Las Vegas

The fact that you were willing to play lotto online and win will make you love Las Vegas. There is no other place in the universe that matches Las Vegas’ gambling reputation. All the best gambling houses are here.

Not only will you get a chance to gamble and increase your earnings, but you will also have the best time of your life with the entertainment in the city. It is a party zone that will quench all the party desires you’ve always had.

Walt Disney World Resort

You must have heard of Disney World out there. It is a wonderful amusement park in Orlando that provides the best recreational activities for families, both young and old. There are lots of water parks, shopping centers, and movie theaters that you can visit while here.

If you have a family, perfect, but you don’t have to have a family for you to visit Walt Disney World Resort.

San Antonio River Walk

Whether you are looking for relaxing moments or a cool place to have meals, San Antonio River Walk is the place to be. It is a beautiful pedestrian area along the river in the city. There are great restaurants and dining areas for you to spend some cool moments.

You’ll also enjoy the scenic view of small boats and arching bridges. For shade along the river, there are large old trees for that. If you plan well, you can visit when there are live concerts.

Kennedy Space Center

As a millionaire, you must start thinking about space exploration. That’s right, it is what millionaires do – visit outer space. So, when you check Eurojackpot results and find that you have won, you can plan a visit to the Kennedy Space Center.

Here, you will learn all that NASA does in space. Essentially, you will be preparing yourself for the ultimate journey to space.

Guided tour to popular sites

You can also start a guided tour of the top sites in the United States. Some of the popular sites include:

  • The White House in Washington
  • The Stature of Liberty in New York
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington
  • Lincoln Memorial in Washington
  • The Gateway Arch in St. Louis
  • Henry Ford National Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn.


These are the top places in the United States that you must visit when you win millions. Of course, you can explore beyond these places and even go to other countries. You can also read about the top places in Hungary to visit for a lotto winner if you want to go to Europe after exploring the USA.